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We are the iSchool. We leverage information and bring it into communities and improve companies and lives. We teach, we learn, and we reach out so that we may serve our students for life. We jump at the chance to make a difference.

ReFuel, the Annual Campaign for the iSchool, brings together students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends to maximize our joint impact for good. Are you here to find an exciting project to support? You're in the right place to make it happen and make a difference.

iSchool alumnus and member of the Board of Advisors, Sam Clarvit '10, knows just how important it is to support current and future students. Sam has offered a ReFuel Challenge of $20,000. The fund with the most donors will receive an extra $8,000. Second will receive $6,000, third will receive $4,000, and fourth will receive $2,000.

Check out this year's funds below:

iSchool Road Trips for undergraduate students are eye-opening activities that provide an introduction to how technology intersects with a particular business industry.

Students travel by coach bus to nearby cities, like New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Buffalo, and Washington, D.C., and visit a range of companies to bridge their learning from the classroom to the real world.

Nearly 500 students have participated in iSchool road trips, receiving valuable connections to employers in industries such as finance, consulting, retail, sports, hospitality, and entertainment.

These off-campus opportunities give students a taste of particular job roles and career possibilities in an informal setting that allows for alumni interaction as well as peer-to-peer learning opportunities.

iSchool Student Kyle Rand

"You get to meet people that you can't meet on campus - alumni working at companies, in roles that you might be interested in after you graduate. It really gives you a whole new perspective on the world outside of the iSchool."

 -Kyle Rand, Senior

Your support of iSchool Road Trips will allow us to continue to provide these transformative trips for future iSchool students.

42% of iSchool undergraduates are women, outpacing any other technical school in the country. Women are forging their own path in the world of information technology. To engage and support women in this field, the iSchool is affiliated with the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) and champions numerous initiatives for students. 

We support programs to introduce middle and high school aged young women to information technology and ignite their interest in pursuing education and careers in IT fields. Girls are IT, in partnership with the Girl Scouts, brings middle schoolers to the iSchool to learn about topics in technology. The iSchool's It Girls Overnight Retreat, which just celebrated its 7th year,nspires young women in high school during a slumber party-meets-hackathon weekend.

That's not all. iSchool students have opportunities to attend seminars and conferences, including the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, meeting and networking with other women studying and working in IT.

iSchool Student Courtney Abrams

"Listening to the speakers that the iSchool has brought in, and participating in the various activities that student organizations, like WIT-U, put together have shown that it is possible for me to achieve success in the iSchool and in my future career in the information technology field." 

-Courtney Abrams, Senior

Contributions to the iSchool's Women in Technology initiatives can allow young women to see the endless opportunities in information technology, helping to assure that the technology innovations of tomorrow will reflect the society they serve.

Scholarships. Awards. Immersion Programs. Faculty & Student Research.


The backbone of the iSchool is the leadership of Dean and Trustee Professor, Liz Liddy. Liz is student-centered and an avid believer in innovation, industry disruption and entrepreneurship. Your investment in the Dean’s Fund is an investment in our students. Your support includes:

A pioneer on campus in student immersion programs, the iSchool's credit-bearing experiential learning offerings study the intersection of business, technology, and creativity in industries such as startups, finance, consulting, and more. Your support gives students the opportunity to attend Spring Break in Silicon Valley, Entretech NYC, Peak to Peak in Seattle & Portland, and TechTrek Chicago.

Undergraduate and graduate scholarships and awards support students from all walks of life. For many, a Syracuse University degree would not be attainable without alumni supporting the Dean’s Fund and ultimately, student scholarships.

Student clubs, STEM Networking, NEXIS (New Explorations in Information Science) and student-based as well as faculty research are all supported by the Dean’s Fund.

If you want to touch every part of the student experience, this is the place for your gift.

Library Innovation

Learning at the iSchool is not confined to the walls of a classroom. Students enrolled in the iSchool's Library and Information Science program have access to innovative opportunities that enhance and enrich their academic experience, including conferences, workshops, and other professional development activities.

Past conferences attended by iSchool LIS students include those convened by the American Library Association, the New York Library Association, and the American Association of School Librarians. Students attend sessions and programs, learning about current issues and future trends. Along the way, they meet library professionals, iSchool alumni, and other future librarians, networking with those that share their professional interests and gaining valuable contacts for their job searches and future careers.

iSchool Student Juan Rivera

"Syracuse really taught me the importance of developing a personal learning network and working with people who have different talents. Being able to attend conferences helped me to make connections between the theoretical and practical. Meeting people in person adds a different layer of learning that can’t be replaced, and seeing people in action has led me to take action."

 - Juan Rivera G'16, MSLIS Alumnus

Contributions to the Library Innovation Fund will support enriching experiences for iSchool LIS students that broaden their academic careers and help shape the innovative librarians of the future.

ReFuel Leaderboard

iSchool Road Trips Support Fund 88$8,213
Dean's Fund for the iSchool 78$40,413
Women in Technology Fund 52$13,767
Library Innovation Fund 48$3,891
Other 19$2,846

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students
Class YearDonorsDollars
2015 13$1,050
2016 12$704
2017 12$966
2013 11$596
2012 9$462
2010 9$781
2011 7$620
2002 6$5,664
2014 5$376
1982 4$232
2008 4$486
1966 4$820
1995 4$732
1997 4$382
1978 4$900
2001 4$282
1990 3$1,244
1996 3$132
2007 3$894
1992 3$213
1975 3$175
1999 3$144
2003 3$244
2000 3$232
2005 3$1,375
1986 2$150
1971 2$64
1958 2$225
1980 2$244
1998 2$244
1985 2$1,044
1994 2$188
1969 2$60
1970 2$500
1979 2$244
1977 2$169
2004 2$338
1964 1$50
1972 1$100
1963 1$44
1991 1$75
1993 1$500
1968 1$85
1967 1$144
2006 1$250
1948 1$25
1989 1$44
2021 1$25
2020 1$44
1981 1$144
1976 1$144
1946 1$244
2009 1$144
2018 1$20
1988 1$144

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