Boost the 'Cuse

This campaign ended on October 17, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Syracuse University by clicking here!

Boost the ’Cuse is Syracuse University’s first-ever giving day—a 24-hour campaign starting at 12:01 a.m., Tuesday, October 17, 2017. What’s our goal? To inspire at least 1,870 alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends to support the part of Syracuse they love most! Have questions? Check our FAQS. Want to help us promote Boost the ’Cuse? Visit our toolkit!

On October 17, there’s an additional $500,000 to win in the challenges below, thanks to a generous gift made by Life Trustee Daniel D’Aniello ’68. Each challenge runs until its window closes at the time noted in EST, and all challenge winners are based on the number of gifts given before the closing time. After the time expires, the challenge winner will be the school, college, or unit that has the most participation. The available prize money is then awarded to the winning area’s highest priority fund (Annual Fund, Dean’s Fund, etc.).

Closes 12:01 a.m.: First gift made on giving day—wins $4,444

Set your alarm, be the first to Boost the ’Cuse, and win the prize for your favorite part of SU! The unit receiving the first gift made after midnight on October 17 wins this challenge. 
Winner – College of Law Financial Aid Account

Closes 5 a.m.: Most international gifts—wins $5,000

Live outside the United States? Here’s your chance to make an impact! The unit receiving the most support from international gifts by 5 a.m. EST wins the prize money for its highest priority fund. 
Winner – Honors Program Alumni Fund

Closes 7:30 a.m.: Most gifts in the U.S. —wins $7,500

Rise, shine, and win! Make your gift by 7:30 a.m. EST, and the unit with the most U.S.-based gifts starts the morning with prize money!
Winner – Newhouse Dean's Fund

Closes 9 a.m.: Most gifts ending in 44—wins $1,044

Any gift including a “44” ($44, $1,000.44, etc.) counts for this challenge. The unit receiving the most gifts with a “44” wins the bonus money.
Winner – Athletic Director Discretionary Fund

Closes 11 a.m.: Lucky #BoostCuse post—wins $1,870

Help #BoostCuse by using our hashtag, and your post could be randomly selected to win the challenge prize for your favorite unit. Make sure your profile is public so we can see your great post!
Winner – @cvelardi wins for the Newhouse Dean's Fund

Closes 1 p.m.: Most gifts made to The Fund for Syracuse—wins $10,000

The Fund for Syracuse (FFS) consists of 26 funds all broadly supporting the most pressing needs of the University at various levels. Choose from the full list of FFS funds on the gift form, then make your gift. The most popular of these funds wins an extra $10,000! 
Winner – Newhouse Dean's Fund

Closes 2 p.m.: Most faculty and staff gifts—wins $5,000

Are you an SU employee? Use this challenge to increase your impact! Rally your colleagues to make their gifts by 2 p.m. EST, and prize money goes to the unit with the most support. 
Winner – Newhouse Dean's Fund

Closes 3 p.m.: Most parent gifts—wins $5,000

Calling all of our incredible SU parents! Support your child’s unit to try and win extra money for their programs. 
Winner – Newhouse Dean's Fund

Closes 4:44 p.m.: Greatest social media reach—wins $1,870

Think you’re a social media guru? Make your gift go viral! Share directly from this landing page to track how many link clicks and gifts you generate. The advocate with the most reach wins $1,870 for their unit of choice. 
Winner – Law Annual Fund

Closes 8 p.m.: Our Time Has Come Challenge—wins $5,000

If 100 gifts to the Black and Hispanic Undergraduate Endowed Scholarship Fund are received by 8 p.m. EST, an additional $5,000 will be released to that fund!
Winner – Black and Hispanic Undergraduate Endowed Scholarship Fund

Closes 10 p.m.: Most Generation Orange gifts—wins $10,000

Did you graduate in the last 10 years? This challenge is for you! The unit receiving the most gifts from Generation Orange alumni wins the prize money. Share on social media, and encourage friends to support your unit of choice! 
Winner – Newhouse Dean's Fund

Closes 11:59 p.m.: Most gifts—wins $10,000

Boost the ’Cuse is almost over. We’ll tally all gifts made today, and the unit with the greatest number of gifts wins the challenge money.
Winner – Newhouse Dean's Fund

Closes 11:59 p.m.: Last gift—wins $4,400

The final buzzer! Watch your clock to be the last gift on 10/17/17—and win $4,400 for the unit you support. 
Winner – College of Engineering and Computer Science Dean's Fund

All Day: Every 44th donation—wins $500

The 44th gift, 144th gift, 244th gift, and so on, will win $500 for the unit supported.  
Winner – Law Financial Aid Account (44th), Newhouse Dean's Fund (144th), Law Annual Fund (244th), Annual Fund (344th), Black-Hispanic Undergraduate Endowed Scholarship (444th), Education Dean's Fund (544th), Newhouse Dean's Fund (644th), Athletic Director Discretionary Fund (744th), Athletic Director Discretionary Fund (844th), Newhouse Dean's Fund (944th), Newhouse Dean's Fund (1044th), Athletic Director Discretionary Fund (1144th), Hendricks Chapel Dean's Discretionary Fund (1244th), University College Dean's Annual Fund (1344th), iSchool Dean's Fund (1444th), General Supported Scholarships Fund (1544th), Athletic Director Discretionary Fund (1644th), Maxwell Dean's Fund (1744th), SU Abroad - General (1844th), Engineering Dean's Fund (1944th), Veteran Legacy Fund (2044th), Athletic Director Discretionary Fund (2144th), Falk College Dean's Fund (2244th), Law Annual Fund (2344th)

All Day: 1,000 donor mark—wins $1,000 for each unit

If SU reaches 1,000 donors, each unit receives an additional $1,000 to its priority fund. 

All Day: 1,870 donor mark—wins $5,000 for each unit

Mission Success! Boost the ’Cuse with 1,870 individual donors, and each unit receives an additional $5,000! 

All Day: 1,870th gift—wins $1,870

In honor of the year SU was founded, the person who makes the 1,870th gift wins the challenge prize for the unit supported. 
Winner – Education Dean's Fund

All Day: Invest Syracuse Challenge—wins $20,000

The unit with the most donors to the General Scholarship Fund wins the prize money. 
Winner – College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Fund

All Day: General Scholarship Match Challenge—wins up to $115,000

Every gift made to General Scholarship on 10/17/17 receives an additional $500 to the General Scholarship Fund, up to $115,000.  
Winner – General Scholarship Fund

All Day: 100% Board participation—wins $5,000 for their unit

Get 100 percent participation from fellow board members, and win the prize money for your unit! The challenge applies to those serving on any of these SU boards: Architecture, Arts & Sciences, Education, Engineering and Computer Science,  iSchool, Maxwell, Newhouse, VPA, Whitman, IVMF, Boston Regional Council, Chicago Regional Council, Atlanta Regional Council, San Francisco Regional Council, Los Angeles Regional Council, and DC Regional Council. 
Winners – Generation Orange Leadership Council (first board to hit 100%), College of Law Board of Advisors (second board to hit 100%), Falk College Board of Visitors (third board to hit 100%), SU Libraries Advisory Board (fourth board to hit 100%), Syracuse University Alumni Association Board (fifth board to hit 100%), Chicago Regional Council (sixth board to hit 100%)

US Heat Map
Global Heat Map

Class Leaderboard
The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Faculty/Staff, SU Board Member
Class YearDonorsDollars
Advancement and External Affairs 96$8,069
College of Arts and Sciences 92$9,228
S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications 80$5,779
2006 62$4,262
2014 60$2,033
2013 58$2,464
Other 58$9,981
2015 55$1,913
2017 54$1,654
2010 54$9,542
2012 52$5,962
1989 51$13,181
2007 50$3,882
1988 49$9,688
2011 48$3,074
1992 47$20,571
2005 44$4,502
David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics 42$4,830
1991 41$9,762
2003 40$3,563
College of Law 40$9,021
2004 38$4,754
1986 38$12,432
2000 37$4,629
2002 37$4,691
Generation Orange Leadership Council 37$1,343
1984 37$5,357
2008 35$2,342
Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs 34$9,224
2016 33$2,028
1999 33$11,332
1987 32$8,090
1993 32$2,821
1983 32$12,107
2001 31$1,879
2009 31$1,323
1990 30$9,176
1994 30$3,642
2018 30$1,245
SUAA 28$5,559
Orange Athletics 28$2,137
2019 28$3,386
1998 27$13,429
1997 26$6,307
University College 25$611
Enrollment and the Student Experience 25$1,481
1996 24$4,092
1995 24$3,003
1979 22$2,175
1975 22$6,802
College of Visual and Performing Arts 22$1,417
1976 22$7,626
1972 21$18,726
Human Resources 21$588
1982 21$3,577
1973 21$65,455
1978 20$8,690
Newhouse 20$53,344
1981 19$6,093
1985 18$16,416
Martin J. Whitman School of Management 17$2,310
iSchool 17$4,647
1970 16$4,588
School of Education 16$846
SU Libraries 15$1,862
1968 15$2,499
1977 14$5,198
1971 14$3,432
Arts and Sciences 14$13,812
1966 14$3,919
1974 13$1,802
1969 13$4,292
College of Engineering and Computer Science 12$2,316
1980 12$2,262
1965 11$2,550
Chicago Regional Council 10$2,026
2021 9$395
Libraries 9$2,158
2020 8$110
Education 8$634
1963 8$1,280
Boston Regional Council 7$5,869
1967 7$1,498
Falk College 6$18,194
School of Architecture 6$655
Maxwell 6$14,044
Facilities 6$400
1964 6$1,645
DC Regional Council 6$268
Engineering and Computer Sciences 6$3,100
Whitman 6$1,544
1958 4$1,000
Hendricks 4$676
1962 4$350
Atlanta Regional Council 3$2,088
1960 3$1,500
1959 3$6,100
San Francisco Regional Council 3$174
1957 3$325
1952 2$200,500
1948 2$35
Hendricks Chapel 2$125
Office of Veteran and Military Affairs 2$350
Syracuse Abroad 2$1,005
Program Development 2$200
1961 2$544
1956 1$150
2022 1$100
Los Angeles Regional Council 1$1,000
1950 1$50
1955 1$100
Architecture 1$200
Public Safety 1$100
1949 1$50

Donor affiliations

48% Alumni

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3% Students

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7% SU Parent

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21% Faculty/Staff

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2% Friends

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6% SU Board Member

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Donor list
Karen Low & Dana Radcliffe
William T WardThumb avatar 10399412 10102776790426576 8848476267029583441 n
Jessica Walcott Murray & Chris MurrayPicture?height=150&width=150
Danielle MatfessPicture?height=150&width=150
Robert Kalaf Sr
Colleen M. Gibbons
Stephen Barton
Leo Wong
Joseph Creighton
Jingzhou Fan & Michael M Lu
Matthew T Ambalavanar
Joseph Bert Aufsesser
Charles C Bradley
John Ostapovich
Derek Landau
Steven botwinick & Stacy Berglas botwinick
Stephen D. Hall
Carey W. Ng & Kristen Mary Ng
Amy Walker
Sophie Dagenais & Catherine Cornwell
Donald C. Doerr
Laura HibbardPicture?height=150&width=150
Karen Low & Dana Radcliffe
Jeffrey Saferstein & Felicia Walker
Eric G. Kevorkian & Shari L.
Richard N. Wenman, Jr.
Kevin Toomey
Sophie Dagenais & Catherine Cornwell
Herb Weisbaum
Scott East
Courtney E Jones
Justin WeinPicture?height=150&width=150
Adam J. Honig
Brandy Fluker-Oakley
Thomas Ragonese
Susan Elliot
Melissa Lewensten KnollPicture?height=150&width=150
Lois R. Pasternak

Picture?height=150&width=150Amanda Quick matched $44
Thumb avatar 22196366 10155220879408732 5938752974703222578 nDwight Stevenson matched $44
Picture?height=150&width=150Scott Faller matched $44
Anwar Nasir matched $50
Thumb avatar otto profileWilliam Fletcher matched $50
Picture?height=150&width=150Amanda Kullman matched $50
Index trending profilepicKatie Hoole matched $50
Kaitlin Dengos matched $97
Picture?height=150&width=150Tracy Tajbl matched $100
Maria E Guarrera & Kyle Witman matched $100
Thumb avatar 5dd0a886 9317 4e17 a909 41bb8a069ddaIvan Robles matched $100
Picture?height=150&width=150Pam Mulligan matched $100
Kevin, W, Coates & Rachel matched $100
Index trending profilepicA David Wishart matched $100
Laura A Troendle & Todd matched $144
Index trending profilepicLinda Birnbaum matched $244
Index trending profilepicRachel A Williams matched $244
Index trending profilepicRachel A Williams matched $250
Miles Bottrill matched $250
Picture?height=150&width=150Kim Brown Infanti matched $250
Picture?height=150&width=150Eric Apjohn matched $250
Norma A Shannon matched $250
Alexandra Epsilanty matched $250
Picture?height=150&width=150Daniel E Klamm matched $250
Miles Bottrill matched $250
Brian Spector matched $444
Thumb avatar lautz cover2Laura Lautz matched $444
Index trending profilepicRachel A Williams matched $444
Picture?height=150&width=150Carla Marie Haase matched $500
Index trending profilepicTracy Michelle Barash matched $500
Index trending profilepicMichael Ransom matched $71
Index trending profilepicSean Scanlon matched $1,000
Chris Johnson matched $622
Matthew Ter Molen & Jennifer matched $2,000
An Anonymous Donor matched $3,000
Steve Ballentine & Beth Ballentine matched $4,444
Dean Karin Ruhlandt matched $1,790
Picture?height=150&width=150Andrew Carl gave $27 because 27 donors made a gift in 0 days.
Bill Jones gave $100 because $100 was donated in 1 day.
Index trending profilepicLinda Landau gave $144 because 44 donors made a gift in 1 day.
Picture?height=150&width=150Sue Ballard gave $200 because 200 donors made a gift in 5 days.
Index trending profilepicRonald L. Thiele gave $250 because 25 donors made a gift in 1 day.
Lynn Vanderhoek and Mick VanVranken gave $250 because 5 donors made a gift in 1 day.
Index trending profilepicDebra Kelley(Weinfeld) gave $250 because 250 donors made a gift in 1 day.
Picture?height=150&width=150Christopher Jennison gave $444 because 44 donors made a gift in 0 days.
Index trending profilepicLorraine Branham gave $444 because $444 was donated in 1 day.