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The Great Patchogue Lake has always been a major part of the Patchogue Community. The Lake acts as a central point of the community, supporting recreational activities, waterfront views, and a laboratory for educational programs and research. Unfortunately, water quality in Great Patchogue Lake has been declining in recent decades. What was once a diverse and thriving freshwater ecosystem and focal point of the community is now in need of restoration. Increasing pollution, invasive aquatic species, and sedimentation have caused the lake to slowly die. Dead plants and terrestrial debris now continually accumulates at the bottom of the lake as a thick layer of decomposing muck. This decomposition process (fueled largely by bacteria) uses up the oxygen in the water, causing dissolved oxygen levels to fall to levels that are stressful to aquatic life. 

To combat this deterioration, aerators will be installed to restore oxygen levels in bottom waters of Great Patchogue Lake.  Recently, funds to add aerators to the Great Patchogue Lake have been allocated by the Town of Brookhaven and Village of Patchogue.  St. Joseph's College, which has been monitoring the lake for decades, would like to continue to track the progression of the Lake by routinely testing the water quality before and after aerator installation. However, in order to do so, funds must be raised for research equipment and to support undergraduate research interns to survey the Lake effectively. 

We have set a goal of $2,000 to support the efforts of restoring the Great Patchogue Lake. Not only would this money be helpful in providing data to track restoration efforts, but it would also give college students an opportunity to have real-world field experience. Without the Great Patchogue Lake, the college would lose a helpful resource and the Greater Patchogue community could lose an integral part of its history.

Donations will be used to help fund the purchase water quality research equipment and support internships that will allow two students from St. Joseph's College the opportunity to intern as water quality researchers.

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