"Access to Food for All"

This campaign ended on May 03, 2019, but you can still make a gift to St. Joseph's College (NY) by clicking here!

Food insecurity is defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as the“limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods, or the ability to acquire such foods in a socially acceptable manner,” is a problem that is affecting a growing number of college students. According to a 2017 survey as many as 1/2 of American Undergraduate Students have experienced this phenomenon while in college. 

Since the fall of 2017 The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership in Conjunction with The Office of Campus Ministry has been running a small food pantry out of The Bears Cave. The pantry is stocked at the beginning of every semester through a small contribution from the budgets of both offices. While this was sufficient enough when the pantry started that is no longer the case. The past semester has seen a growth of the number of students who need access to the pantry and therefore a growth in the need for food supply.  With the money raised, we.plan to move the Food Pantry to a larger, more accessible location and to improve the overall presentation and include nutritional information

Our hope is to raise enough money that we will be able to keep the food pantry running and stocked for at least the next two years.

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St. Joseph's College Board of Trustees gave $9,000 because 100 donors made a gift in 15 days.