St. John's Law 21 Days to Fund a Fellowship

This campaign ended on March 30, 2017, but you can still make a gift to St. John's University by clicking here!

Get in on the (Public Interest) Action for a SECOND Public Interest Summer Fellowship!

Here's the deal...

We asked you to double down for public interest at St. John's Law and, in just seven days, we raised enough to fund one $5,000 Summer Public Interest Fellowship for a deserving student. BUT....

We have ONE MORE DAY! Tomorrow, March 30th is the Monte-Carlo-themed 2017 Public Interest Auction.

So, we're ALL-IN to raise ANOTHER $5,000 to fund an additional Summer Fellowship for a total goal of $10,000.

You can make a one-time gift of $21 right now. As a thank you, you'll receive a commemorative Double Down on Public Interest poker chip!

Want to up the ante to a $121 donation? We'll take that bet and you'll receive custom-made 2017 Public Interest Auction playing cards with our thanks. 

Just click the "Give Now" button on this page, to make your donation.

Then, spread the word to friends and classmates by posting, "I just supported public interest at #StJohnsLaw #21Days" to social media, and keep checking back ( to watch our fellowship grow. 

This campaign ends at the end of the day tomorrow, March 30th at 11:59pm, so make your donation today!

Thank you for making a difference to our students!

Donate $21 and receive a 2017 Public Interest Auction commemorative poker chip.
Playing Cards
Donate at least $121 and receive a deck of 2017 Public Interest Auction commemorative playing cards.



US Donor Map

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
2018 1$121
2016 1$50
2015 3$92
2014 2$71
2013 2$142
2012 1$21
2010 2$63
2008 3$163
2007 1$21
2006 2$250
2005 1$121
2003 1$21
2002 2$71
2000 1$121
1996 2$621
1995 3$263
1994 1$21
1993 2$621
1992 2$142
1990 2$42
1989 2$121
1987 1$121
1986 2$242
1985 3$492
1984 1$500
1983 1$121
1982 3$163
1981 1$150
1980 1$100
1979 1$121
1978 2$121
1975 1$25
1974 1$50
1973 1$21
1971 1$121
1970 1$100
1967 1$121
1966 2$301
1965 1$21
1961 1$100

Donor affiliations

68% Alumni

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1% Students

Show Students

3% Parents

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25% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

8% Friends

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Donor list

Angela DeMeo Works
Alfred C. Cerullo, III
James A. Randazzo
Cliff Weinstein
James D. Herschlein
John P Amato
Sean Anderson
Michael Moriarty
Laura De Los Rios photoLaura De Los Rios
Laura Bauer
Ronnie T. Walker photoRonnie T. Walker
Michael Henry
Marc Goldberg
Susan Peckett Witkin
chris freeze
Gerard Wrynn photoGerard Wrynn
Courtney M. Spellman
David A. Rapaport (66L)
Andrew H Braid
John P Prager
Marybeth Senkewicz
Brian P. Murphy
Philip J. Rizzuto
joseph dibenedetto
John F Gamber
Nestor H Diaz
Ed Kling
Daniel D. Angiolillo
Elayne Greenberg
Ettie Ward
Iris M Diaz
Richard P. Donoghue
The Forum, Class of 2006
Jeanne Ardan
Ryan Adams
James T. Reynolds
Karen Morris
Robert Manning
John J. Hasluck

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Give at least $21 to fund a Law School Fellowship and receive a commemorative 2017 Public Interest Auction poker chip as a special thank you.


Donate a minimum of $121 and we'll send you a set of custom-made 2017 Public Interest Auction playing cards with our thanks.