1 Day for the Knights 2024

160% of $125,000 goal
This campaign ended on January 29, 2024, but you can still make a gift to St. Francis de Sales HS Foundation by clicking here!
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An Anonymous DonorLuke Bockbrader matched $10 for each donor, donating a total of $100Just for Class of 2016

An Anonymous DonorMike McCartney matched $25 for each donor, donating a total of $250Just for Class of 1996

Timothy Scott photoTimothy Scott matched $10 for each donor, donating a total of $400Just for Class of 2002

An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $500Just for Class of 2009

An Anonymous DonorJoseph Couturier matched $50 for each donor, donating a total of $750
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An Anonymous DonorJim Sulier gave $97 because $97 was given by donorsJust for Class of 1997

Chris Konstandas photoChris Konstandas gave $250 because $250 was given by donorsJust for Class of 2005

An Anonymous DonorJon Sanchez gave $500 because $500 was given by donorsJust for Class of 1991

Join us on January 26, 2024 for our fifth 1 Day for the Knights.  One Day is our version of #GivingTuesday commemorating St. Francis de Sales feast day.  Over the past four years SFS has raised over $500,000 during 1 Day.  As always we are asking each class to raise their year. (ex: $1992) and some classes are already out to a good start!

Bonus win-win situation this year for Ohio Residents: If you live in Ohio or pay Ohio taxes, St. Francis de Sales is now a state-verified Scholarship Granting Organization or SGO.  Meaning you can receive a dollar for dollar state of Ohio tax credit up to $1500 (filing jointly).  This can be used for 1 Day and count towards your state of Ohio taxes. If you have any questions please email me at dzawisza@sfsknights.org  (Ohio Revised Code 5747.73)

Last year we raised over $ 175,000 and had over 700 (new record) donors.  We also saw Knights from every class from 1958-2022 help our current and future Knights.  The Class of 1975 won the Dick Mattingly "Ratch Cup" for the class that raised the most money raised by Class and the Sue Conrad Certificate of Excellence will be for the Class with the most participants.

We are asking for your help this year by:

  1. Making your gift today to 1 Day for the Knights
  2. Spreading the word through social media via X (the artist formally known as Twitter), Facebook and Instagram. 
  3. Contact your fellow Knights directly and ask them to help

Please help us achieve our philanthropic goals.. Your gift will help provide a transformative experience for many young men as they develop leadership skills, while receiving an education in the spirit of our Patron Saint, St. Francis de Sales. 

St. Francis de Sales…Pray for us.

1 Day hits $200,000 - Thank You Designetics!

Knight Family!

The Bancroft Big Board hits 0:00.  We raised $190,050 with 672 donors!  Unbelievable numbers and we could not have done it without your help.  We had all the classes represented from the Forever First 1958 to our current 7th graders, the Class of 2029.  It has been amazing to see the growth of this event.  We would like to extend a special thanks to our sponsor Designetics.  They saw the work you put in and matched the final $10,000 to take us to $200,000!!!  Thank You to Board Member Dr. Sydney Williams and her amazing team at Designetics for their generosity for 1 Day for the Knights 2024. Let's go on the field for the awards!

Today we present the Dick Mattingly "Ratch" Cup to the proud Class of 1983 as they make a clean sweep of the awards with $15,795 and 37 donors.  The Class of 1983 will be e-mailed their Certificates of Excellence in the coming weeks.  1979 snuck in as the bells tolled at GESU to just beat out 1994 for second place.  For the Conrad cert (most donors) the reigning champs '75 just missed with 34 and a whole group of teams right below them in the upper 20s.  1994 was red hot in their 30th reunion year and have promised to think of a strategy at Reunion Weekend in the Fall.  Special shout out to Jeff Caputo and John Hall  of the Class of 2002, they came out of nowhere and had their first Top 10 finish in the Conrad and more than doubled their number from last year.  We will have full data break down as we sort out the fun that was 1 Day for the Knights 2024!

From all of us on the 1 Day Team, Thank You to everyone who joined us and we will see you next year 01.24.25 which is the actual feast day of St. Francis de Sales!!!!

St. Francis de Sales...Pray for us!

114 days ago by Daniel J Zawisza
The Bancroft Big Board is now closed!

We will tally up the numbers and announce a final number this afternoon around 3 PM.  We will send out an email with the final results. 

THANK YOU to everyone who helped 1 Day for the Knights 2024!!!

114 days ago by Daniel J Zawisza
30 Minutes to go we need 36 more donors and nearing $200k!!!

If we get 36 donors in the next 30 minutes we will get our final $10,000 and push us toward $200,000 for 1 Day... if you can call someone from your class please do!

114 days ago by Daniel J Zawisza
$5,000 Match for 50 New Donors to 1 Day!

Do you know who Garret Lopez '22 is?  I do, he was the brave Knight that unlocked the $5,000 matching bonus from Board Member Dr. Sydney Williams and her Team at Designetics!  We are getting close to that 700 donor number also needing just 75 more donations to get that final $10,000!  

Let's Go Big Red!!!!

115 days ago by Daniel J Zawisza
$10,000 Unlocked - We hit our $125,000 Goal!

We hit our $125,000 goal!  $10,000 is added to the campaign.  

Thank you to everyone who supported us.  

I believe...

I believe that...

I believe that we will win!!!!

Let's Go Big Red!

117 days ago by Daniel J Zawisza
Nearing a Match at $125,000

Designetics has 3 matches for us and we are getting near on 2 of them!

1.  Our goal of $125,000 is right around the corner which was $10,000 to the effort

2. We have 37 new donors and need 13 more to make the goal of 50 and add $5,000

I believe that we will win!

117 days ago by Daniel J Zawisza
Hot Ones featuring the Oblates

As we head toward $100,000 It would not be Friday of 1 Day for the Knights if we did not feature our Oblates in the final video of the day.  Click here to see Fr. Joe and Fr. Rose answer Fr. O's questions while navigating through 6 levels of wings that increase in intensity level.  We start with Teriyaki and go to 3 Alarms.  Enjoy Hot 1s with Oblates


117 days ago by Daniel J Zawisza

At 3 PM today Fr. O hosts Hot Ones with Fr. Rose and Fr. Joe.  Tune in to the interview and find out who is the first and last Oblate to leave a party among 6 levels of wings and questions

117 days ago by Daniel J Zawisza
4 PM Update - Interview with Neary and Edgell

Jim Neary '96 and Bobby Edgell '00 have both had the opportunity to follow legends as coaches here on Bancroft Street.  Gerk, Fr. O and DZ sit down to talk with them to find out what they learned during the process.  There will be a longer version of this video at a later date posted to socials but for now sit back grab a beverage and have a listen.

Grab 2 drinks and have a listen to the 20 minute version here:


Over $52,000... thank you... let's go Big Red!

118 days ago by Daniel J Zawisza
Noon Score Board Update

Race for the Ratch Cup...

45/66 classes are represented!  It's early I know some folks are the "left coast" time but eventually we will call them out!

'83 out to an early lead but Marinelli & the boys from '08 are gaining ground. Champs '75 sitting in the 5 spot & '88 has the most Knights.

If you want to help move your number, click at the top of the page!


118 days ago by Daniel J Zawisza
Matching Gifts!

Designetics has been a sponsor of 1 Day for the Knights for the past few years and we have 3 matching gifts this year.

$10,000 when we hit $125,000 goal
$10,000 if we go over 700 donors
$5,000 is if we can get 50 first time donors

118 days ago by Daniel J Zawisza
Welcome to 1 Day for the Knights! - Year 5

1 Day for the Knights is here once again!  We have raised over $500,000 these past 4 years and already raised $25,000 this year.  Early giving was big but now it is time for the Main Event.  Contact your classmates, create a challenge, and get your class to the top of the leaderboard.  We already have 100+ donors and over half the classes are represented.  Today we have a scoreboard update with one of our Seniors.  Later we will have an interview to put out there with Jim Neary '96 and Bobby Edgell '00 to go along with Gerk and Fr. O. 

Let's Go Big Red!  Let's Go Big Red!

118 days ago by Daniel J Zawisza

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