Hilltopper Emergency Aid Fund

This campaign ended on January 01, 2019, but you can still make a gift to St. Edward's University by clicking here!

St. Edward’s University is committed to helping all students in their progress toward a degree. Unexpected natural disasters, family emergencies or other crises can create unexpected financial strains that threaten this progress. The university has established the Hilltopper Emergency Aid Program (HEAP) to help meet these needs. Please consider making your annual operating gift today to this developing fund.

On October 10, the St. Edward’s University Student Government Association (SGA) endowed HEAP with a generous gift of $25,000 to assist students impacted by emergencies and unexpected expenses. However, because it is an endowment, it will take several years for these invested funds to become available for spending, and there are students in need of support right now.

You can help them by making a donation to the Hilltopper Emergency Aid Fund that can be spent now, while the endowment is growing.

HEAP provides one-time non-tuition grants to students who may need to replace personal items such as computers and clothing lost to fire or flood, or pay for unexpected travel expense during a family emergency. By reducing financial burdens, it will also provide peace and comfort to a student during difficult and uncertain times.



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