Battle of the Saints 2022

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This campaign ended on January 25, 2022, but you can still make a gift to St. Edward's University by clicking here!
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It's time to beat St. Mary's both on and off the court! The Hilltoppers and the Rattlers have been facing off since 1937 — and we have an exciting new chapter to add to the rivalry.

On January 20, we'll go head-to-head in a five-day Athletics fundraising battle royale. The challenge ends on January 25 at 6:30 p.m. CST, culminating with a Hilltoppers vs. Rattlers showdown between our Men's Basketball teams.

Help us bring the Battle of the Saints Cup to the Hilltop where it belongs! Your gift will support our talented student-athletes and raise our score against the Rattlers. Make your gift today and join the winning team!

How to Win
🏆 And the Saints Cup goes to...

We did it, Topper Nation! 

Thanks to our herd of generous donors and advocates, the Hilltoppers secured a historic victory over the Rattlers with a final score of 573 to 286.

This new tradition is here to stay, so keep those Toppers Up — we'll need you on our team again for Battle of the Saints 2023!

368 days ago by Carlie Stolz
The Hilltoppers keep on climbing! ⛰️🐐

The snakes have slithered their way up the scoreboard, but we’re still leading with 550 points in the Battle of the Saints. Toppers Up!

The Battle ends TONIGHT at 6:30 p.m. CST sharp. We may be Stomping the Rattlers now, but this close to the finish line, it's anyone's game! 

Whether you give $2, $20, or $200, your generosity provides crucial resources for student-athletes to succeed on the court and in the classroom. Let's make this a historic victory for them and the entire St. Ed's community. Make your gift and become an Advocate before the clock runs down!

369 days ago by Carlie Stolz
🐐 Toppers are still on top

We’re burying those Rattlers with a whopping 405 points — and we've nearly tripled our Battle of the Saints donor goal!

Keep this up and we’ll be polishing the Saints Cup tomorrow night for sure. 🏆

Want to earn 5 extra points when you make your gift? Consider offering a Match or Donor Challenge

Can’t give right now? Earn 5 points by cheering us on instead! Become an Advocate now and use the built-in share buttons on your GiveCampus advocacy dashboard. 

We're in the final stretch, Topper Nation. Let's win this!

370 days ago by Carlie Stolz
We're leaving the Rattlers in the dust (where they belong)!

Topper Nation is in the lead with 322 points and 222% of our Battle of the Saints donor goal! 

We're only two days away from scoring the Saints Cup, but we can't let those snakes sneak up on us! Help us get the word out and add 5 points to our score by becoming an Advocate today.

371 days ago by Carlie Stolz
We're still snacking on those snakes!

We’re still leading with 276 points and 194% of our donor goal in the Battle of the Saints. Toppers Up! 

Let’s keep it going and show those rascally Rattlers we're the best in the southwest! Add to our scoreboard by becoming a Battle of the Saints Advocate today.

371 days ago by Carlie Stolz
UPDATE: We're STOMPING the Rattlers!

At a current total of 253 points and 172% of our donor goal, Topper Nation is officially stomping the Rattlers in the Battle of the Saints! 

Can we maintain our lead? St. Mary's doesn't seem to think so. Let's show them what it means to Fear the Goat!

Don't forget: becoming an Advocate adds 5 points to our score, so make sure to log in and 'stomp' one of those built-in share buttons on your GiveCampus advocacy dashboard!

373 days ago by Carlie Stolz

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