Reunion 2020

This campaign ended on June 30, 2020, but you can still make a gift to St. Catherine's School by clicking here!

Join your classmates in making a special commitment to St. Catherine's in honor of your class and your Reunion. Your support assures today’s Saints will benefit from a superior educational experience, as we benefited from the generosity of those who came before us.



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Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
AffiliationDonorsDollarsGoal (Donors)%
1975 53$48,8705793.0%
1970 40$80,2716759.7%
1980 26$34,3344360.5%
2005 26$3,4703281.3%
1960 24$21,93724100.0%
1965 22$9,0502491.7%
1985 21$15,0502680.8%
1995 19$29,2252673.1%
1955 16$19,5302080.0%
2000 16$7,6252564.0%
1990 16$18,9062759.3%
1950 12$12,07312100.0%
2015 10$3252737.0%
2010 10$9002441.7%
1945 5$650683.3%
1940 3$1854000.8%

Donor affiliations

99% Alumni

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1% Parents

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Donor list

Mary Rucker Radford
Heather McGuire
Marie S. Wicker
Helene V Cox
Meghan M Davis
Lilly Bossong
Tanner Neibert
Ann E Pauls
Lisee Sherrill
Cecilia Lowry Stevenson
Lucy Thompson Dean
Mary Tobias Miller
Lee lesley
Alexandra Musto
Agnes Warneford-Thomson
Alice Szumski
Lauren M Coan
Lucy Burgwyn Leake
Carter Jones Meyer
Janie S Sellers
Frances Wickline
Holly Camp
Molly M Fowler
Ginny Wolfe
Bonnie Livick
Anne B. Gregory-Bepler
Elizabeth P. Mayo
Marie Claire Ayers
Lillian Glover Young
Evelyn Wilton
Catherine A. Purdy
fifi laughlin
Sydney E. Schreiner
Katherine Traynham
Christy Hall
Theresa Michel
Mary F. Robertson

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