100 for 100

This campaign ends on January 1 at 02:59AM EST

In honor of St. Bernard High School’s loyal sons and daughters, here forth the Father Cahill Memorial Field, the track, and the bleachers will collectively be known as the Alumni Stadium.

In recognition of the first 100 alumni to donate $1,000 or more to the Alumni Stadium Campaign, St. Bernard High School will prominently display their name and class year as part of the new Alumni Stadium.

We welcome additional alumni donations, however the minimum level to be recognized in the Alumni Stadium is $1,000 or more. 

There are two opportunities to be a part of the 100 for 100 Campaign

1. Donate $1,000 today! 

2. Set up 10 months of reoccurring payments of $100 per month. *This commitment must be completed in full in order to have your name prominently displayed on the Alumni Stadium. 

Be a part of Viking history and donate today! 

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Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Parents
Class YearDonorsDollars
1970 1$1,000
1971 1$1,000
1972 4$14,000
1973 2$2,000
1976 1$1,000
1977 2$2,000
1979 4$4,000
1980 1$1,000
1982 3$3,200
1984 1$1,000
1985 1$100
1987 1$1,000
1990 6$5,100
1991 1$1,000
1993 1$1,000
1994 2$9,200
1995 1$1,000
1996 3$3,200
2000 2$2,200
2001 3$3,000
2003 1$1,000
2004 1$1,000
2009 1$3,100
2011 1$11,000
2013 1$1,000
2015 1$1,000
2018 1$200
2019 2$2,000

Donor affiliations

93% Alumni

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8% Parents

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Donor list

Florence Maatita
Hillary A. Henderson
Al F. Smith
Amir Gillenwaters
Amir Gillenwaters
Carlene P Chew
Earl E. Gales III
Reymundo A Massie
Cedric J Nelms
Kevin Chilton
Jane Terry
Jane Terry
Elaine M Lillie
David G Moore
David G Moore
David G Moore
Christopher Paulo Nuño
Lisa Harris
Susan Tummers Stocum
Diana Louise Alfano-Flores
David G Moore
David G Moore
David G Moore
Steffen Smith
Virgina Valenzuela
Arthur Verlengiere
Kathleen Ash
John Gentillon
Dr. Shelley C. Adams
Noel Haro
Bree Cook
Angela Davenport-Cummings
Randy and Mirella Billups
Evelyn Rhodes Rickenbacker
The Morales Family
Chris T. Nuno
Michele Hoebink, Class of 1989
Jessica Davenport
Lisa Thomas
Daniele LeCesne
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