St. Anne's-Belfield Day of Impact 2020

This campaign ends on October 30 at 11:59PM EDT

Saints Strong.
Together, Even Stronger.
888 Reasons to Show Our Strength: A Campaign for Our Students.

Throughout the month of October and culminating on our Day of Impact on October 29, our St. Anne’s-Belfield community is coming together to demonstrate our collective strength and extraordinary commitment to our most valued and important asset, our 888 students. Your Day of Impact gift allows us even in the most challenging times to continue to provide a vibrant learning environment where every student is known well. We thank you for your participation in our Day of Impact

The Fund for St. Anne's-Belfield

The Fund for St. Anne’s-Belfield is a family of funds providing operational support for the School on an annual basis. As one of the School’s most impactful giving vehicles, the Fund for St. Anne’s-Belfield touches almost every aspect of the St. Anne’s-Belfield experience. Donors to The Fund for St. Anne’s-Belfield may choose a variety of areas of impact as outlined below:


To motivate and inspire, several leaders within our St. Anne’s-Belfield community are challenging us! From now through October 29 11:59pm EST, all Saints have been challenged!

  • $888 will be donated for every gift made, up to 450 gifts!
  • $200 will be donated per gift for the first 200 alumni gifts!
  • Stay tuned for more exciting challenges to come!!

We are incredibly humbled and grateful for the leadership and dedication of our Day of Impact 2020 challengers.

Participation Awards

Grade Level Winners by Division

  • The Pre-School class with the highest participation wins a pizza party with ice cream.
  • The grade level with the highest participation within each division (K-4, Middle School, Upper School) wins a "Pick Your Lunch Friday" with an ice cream party. 

All School Winner- The Saints Strong Cup
The division posting the highest participation will earn the Saints Strong Cup.

Reunion Alumni
The class with the highest Day of Impact participation wins a class reception during Alumni Weekend at the Head of School's home.

Annual Alumni Class Awards
Flex your class muscle and demonstrate your Saints Strong spirit by getting a jump on the annual alumni class awards. Help your class pace toward being the fiscal year champion by making your gift during Day of Impact!

  • The Malone Cup was established as a tribute to the class with the highest percentage of donors to the Fund for St. Anne’s-Belfield, our community’s annual giving program. The cup is named for Pamela Malone, a beloved teacher who dedicated 34 years to enriching the lives of St. Anne's-Belfield School students.
  • The Peter V. R. Weeks Award is named in memory of senior master, Peter Weeks, who served as assistant headmaster, athletic director, coach, teacher, mentor, role model, and counselor for students and teachers alike between 1961- 1981. The award recognizes the highest level of giving participation from the classes of the 1970s and 1980s.
  • The Randolph Murray Bowl honors a dedicated alumna, Bruce Randolph Murray ’65, who with her family has given generously of her time, talent, and treasures for decades. The award is given to the reunion class with the largest total gift. 
  • The Young Alumni Participation Award recognizes the class within 14 years of graduation having the greatest level of participation in giving to the Fund for St. Anne’s-Belfield, our community’s annual giving program.

Please Note

  • To make a pledge, please use this form. Your gift will still count toward the Day of Impact totals and all challenges.
  • To ensure your gifts are accurately counted toward all challenges and matches, please be sure to check ALL applicable affiliations and class years (e.g. Alumnus 1990, Parent 2020 & 2022, etc.) upon check out. 
  • If you are making a leadership level gift as part of the Malone and DuVal Societies, please also select "Leadership Donor" as one of your affiliations. 


Thank you for investing in St. Anne's-Belfield School!

Saints Strong.
Together, Even Stronger.
888 Reasons to Show Our Strength: A Campaign for Our Students.

US Donor Map

Class Year Leaderboard

The Class Year Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni/ae, Parents
2035 1$1500.2%
2034 8$20,8101.8%
2033 4$1,2200.9%
2032 3$4200.7%
2031 5$1,7501.1%
2030 10$23,4472.2%
2029 6$7001.3%
2028 8$22,8301.8%
2027 9$45,3202.0%
2026 3$1,1500.7%
2025 9$7,7102.0%
2024 3$7,5500.7%
2023 6$5,6601.3%
2022 7$43,8891.6%
2021 7$32,0721.6%
2020 5$37,7981.1%
2019 5$28,4771.1%
2018 1$500.2%
2017 2$1500.4%
2016 4$8750.9%
2015 4$1,3500.9%
2014 3$3700.7%
2013 1$5000.2%
2012 3$1,2000.7%
2011 1$1,0000.2%
2010 3$2,5600.7%
2009 1$1000.2%
2008 1$1200.2%
2007 3$5800.7%
2005 1$1200.2%
2004 2$2500.4%
2003 1$1,3750.2%
2002 1$1,3000.2%
2001 1$200.2%
1999 1$1,0000.2%
1998 1$2400.2%
1996 1$4000.2%
1991 1$1000.2%
1988 1$2,5000.2%
1987 1$1,0000.2%
1986 1$1,0000.2%
1980 1$2,0000.2%
1976 1$1000.2%
1974 1$5,0710.2%
1973 1$1000.2%
1971 3$3,5720.7%
1970 1$250.2%
1968 1$4110.2%
1966 1$1000.2%
1961 1$2,6600.2%
1957 1$1,0000.2%

Donor affiliations

21% Alumni/ae

Show Alumni/ae

78% Parents

Show Parents

6% Grandparents

Show Grandparents

61% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

4% Friends

Show Friends

1% Leadership Donors

Show Leadership Donors

Donor list

Nicole & Ashley Snyder
Brian Grabowski
Robb and Rachael LeMasters
Dan and Mary Ann Kosut
Kendall & Michael Connors
Geoff & Marie Reed
Jen and Daniel LaPlume
Sophie Lin
John Grove
Mimi and Dick Riley
Kingko Burlingham
Janet Willis
The Alumni Board
Janet & Paul Nolan
Deborah Lindbergh
Caitlin Thomson
Ashley & Kevin Gundersen
Whit and Pender Graves
Justi Campa
Lars Tiffany & Tara Harrington
Erica Roth
Meghan Gaare
Elizabeth & David Perdue
Trent Holden
Erika Hadland
Sandra Sohne-Johnston
Mary Anne Stetzer
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