Experiential Learning & Comm. Engagement

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St. Anne's-Belfield Day of Impact 2019

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St. Anne's-Belfield Day of Impact 2019
Experiential Learning & Comm. Engagement
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Provide resources for our students to engage in student-driven learning and connect with the community in meaningful ways. 

Doug's Trip, Fab Lab, Quests, Intensives, field trips, and community service projects are all examples from our curriculum which are supported by the Experiential Learning & Community Engagement fund.

Your gift to Experiential Learning & Community Engagement allows the School to continue to invest in learning opportunities which are student driven, project based, and service oriented. 

Please note: The dollar goals for each campaign have been set just for the Day of Impact. The overall annual budgets and annual fundraising goals for each Fund are much larger. If your area of impact has already exceeded its target, your contribution will still make an impact.

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David and Shannon Mrazik
Zack & Carrie Worrell
Ellen Jones
Anni von Quillfeldt
Paola Christy
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