Springfield College Giving Day

This campaign was
funded on March 05, 2020!

This is Springfield College.

One Day. One Goal. 1,700 Donors.

Giving Day is the one day that alumni, students, families, faculty, staff, and friends unite toward a common goal: supporting Springfield College students and the Humanics philosophy.

Participation is key and each donation moves us one step closer to unlocking challenge gifts and one step closer to helping us meet our record-breaking goal of 1,700 donors. Choose from one of several funds to show what area of the College you feel most passionate about!

Giving Day Challenges
What inspires you?

Class of 1965 Challenge
Class of 1965, this one is for you!
When the class of 1965 reaches $2,500 dollars raised on Giving Day, $1,250 will be unlocked for the Springfield College Fund, courtesy of an anonymous couple from the class of 1965. When the class of 1965 reaches $5,000 in total dollars given on Giving Day, the couple will make an additional $1,250 gift, totaling $2,500 for the Springfield College Fund!

Class of 1980 Challenge
Class of 1980, are YOU up for the challenge?
When the class of 1980 reaches 50 donors on Giving Day, $2,500 will be unlocked for the Springfield College Fund, courtesy of Peter '80 and Danielle '80 Andruszkiewicz!

Class of 1995 Challenge
Class of 1995, celebrate your 25th reunion in style (enter smiley face sunglasses emoji!) 
When the class of 1995 reaches $2,500 in total gifts on Giving Day, two anonymous donors will MATCH the donations with one $2,500 gift in honor of the 25th reunion class.

Young Alumni Challenge
Get ready, young alumni! It's your turn.
If young alumni classes (2005 - 2019) achieve a combined total of $12,500 on Giving Day, $2,500 will be unlocked for the Springfield College Fund. But that's not all!
Another $2,500 is up for grabs if a total of 275 young alumni make a gift, for a total of $5,000 to the SC Fund, courtesy of an anonymous donor from the class of 1973.

*Did you know?*
All young alumni who make a gift will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a Series 5 Apple Watch - color of their choice!

Graduate-Only Alumni Challenge
Graduate-only alumni, are you ready?
One thousand dollars will be unlocked for the Springfield College Fund when 50 of our graduate alumni make a gift (GOAL MET!) After 100 graduate alumni make a gift, another $1,000 will be unlocked! (GOAL MET!) When we hit 150 graduate alumni having made gifts, a $1,500 gift will be unlocked, totaling an additional $3,500 for the Springfield College Fund, courtesy of two anonymous graduate alumni donors (classes of 1987 and 1997).

Note: This challenge has been created specifically for our graduate *only* alumni population.

East Campus Challenge #3

East Campus, we've got another one for you!
If a total of 20 donors from the Class of 2005 and 20 donors from the Class of 2006 (for a combined total of 40 donors) make a gift by midnight EST, Meg (Foley) '06 and Aaron '05 Dombroski will contribute a $1,000 gift to Friends of East Campus!

(*Did you know: Meg and Aaron's first date involved the two of them sitting on the roof of the Pueblo eating Taco Bell?*)

Springfield College Fund, Technology and Teaching Tools Challenge
Will YOU be one of 25 donors to this SC Fund designation?
If a total of 25 donors make a gift by midnight EST to the Technology and Teaching Tools designation within the Springfield College Fund,
an anonymous donor will add an additional $3,000 gift to the Springfield College Fund: Technology and Teaching Tools designation.
Help Technology and Teaching Tools reach 25+ donors 

First 500 Challenge: GOAL MET!
An anonymous donor is challenging YOU as we kick off Giving Day 2020!  If we reach 500 donors by 9 a.m., $1,000 will be unlocked for the Springfield College Fund.

1,000 Donor Challenge GOAL MET!
Fred Pettinato '70 is challenging Springfield College donors at the 1,000 donor mark!  If we achieve at least 1,000 donors toward our overall goal of 1,700 donors by the midway point at 3PM, $2,000 will be unlocked for the Springfield College 

50th Reunion Class Challenge GOAL MET!
Class of 1970, let’s make your 50th Reunion COUNT!
When the class of 1970 reaches $3,000 in total gifts on Giving Day, Fred Pettinato '70 will MATCH the donations with a $3,000 gift of his own in honor of the 50th reunion class!

500 Donor Challenge for FoSCA: GOAL MET! 
Unlock an additional gift of $2,000 for Springfield College Athletics! 
An anonymous challenger will make a donation of $2,000 if 500 FoSCA donors is reached by midnight EST.

Student-Athlete Challenge GOAL MET!
Student-athletes, $2,000 is on the line for Springfield College Athletics today!
Barb ’75 and Buzzy ‘74 Ernst are stepping up to the plate with a $2,000 challenge if 100 student-athletes make a gift on Giving Day! 
Once the first 25 student-athletes make a gift, $500 will be unlocked. 
When 50 make a gift, another $500 will be unlocked. 
When we hit 75 student-athletes, another $500 will be unlocked. 
Once we hit our goal of 100 student-athletes, the final $500 will be unlocked, totaling $2,000 for Springfield College Athletics on Giving Day!

An anonymous donor has stepped up and pledged to give $500 if we can reach 150 student-athlete donors by midnight EST. Thank you to all student-athletes who already gave and helped unlock a $2,000 challenge gift from Barb '75 Buzzy '74 Ernst. Way to go!

Senior Class Challenge GOAL MET!
Get ready, SENIORS! When 25 seniors make a gift, $250 will be unlocked for the Springfield College Fund.  When that number reaches 40 senior donors, $250 MORE dollars will be unlocked.  Once we reach a total of 50 senior donors on Giving Day, we will unlock $500 more dollars for a total of $1,000 for the SC Fund, courtesy of Dick Warner '67, who is about to make his gift for the 50th consecutive year in a row! Incredible! Thank you, Dick.

Reminder! All seniors who make a gift are automatically entered into a drawing for a FREE senior week package, courtesy of the Office of Student Activities.

Class of 1974 Challenge: GOAL MET!
Class of '74, this one is for YOU!  
If 75 members of the class of 1974 participate by midnight EST on Giving Day, a gift of $1,000 will be unlocked for the Springfield College Fund, courtesy of an anonymous donor from that class.

East Campus Challenge #1 GOAL MET!
East Campus donors, we've got great news! Dr. Bill Considine (retired dean of HPER) and his wife Claudia will donate $1,000 to match 10 donors at the $100 level to East Campus.

East Campus Challenge #2

Last year, 327 donors made a gift to East Campus on Giving Day. Help FoEC get to 350 donors this year! If 150 donors make a gift to East Campus by 6pm on March 4, $500 will be unlocked for Friends of East Campus.)If East Campus hits their overall goal of 350 donors by midnight, an additional $1,000, totaling $1,500 overall, will be unlocked courtesy of Allyson Brown '80.

Ways to Show Your Support on Giving Day

#1: Make a Gift

Big or small, every gift counts! Demonstrate to your friends and classmates that you lead by example and make a gift yourself.

#2: Share the Campaign

Spread the word and show your support using #MaroonGives

How: Below the video at the top left, there are buttons that allow you to share on Facebook, Twitter, text message, and email. In addition, there are tons of photos in the updates section below that you can download and post on social media.

#3: Become an Advocate (and earn prizes!)

With just a few clicks, create a GiveCampus account and gain the ability to track your impact! See how many clicks, gifts, and dollars your outreach generates!

How: Go to the top right of the campaign page and click on the Advocates tab to sign up.

#4: Create a Matching Gift or Challenge

Encourage your network to join you in making a gift! You can match gifts dollar for dollar up to a fixed amount and even structure your challenge to be based on donor participation. 

How: Look right below the video on the left side of the campaign page.

#5: Upload a "Personal Plea" (the most creative video wins a swag bag!)

Now here's the fun part! Create a 15-30 second video in which you explain why you chose to support Springfield College on Giving Day and why others should do the same. "Selfies" work great!

How: Go to the advocates tab, just below the donate now button.



US Donor Map

Class Year Leaderboard

The Class Year Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni
1974 80$40,033
1975 39$14,841
1979 29$7,075
1973 28$5,105
1981 25$6,296
1968 25$7,573
1991 24$2,615
2005 23$1,525
1976 22$2,930
1970 20$10,625
1967 19$6,403
1957 18$2,817
1966 18$2,551
2015 18$445
1977 18$4,725
1971 17$4,179
2017 16$475
2018 16$320
1983 15$3,709
1978 15$17,512
2006 15$465
1987 15$5,950
2013 15$628
2009 15$1,060
1961 14$2,036
1959 14$2,440
2012 14$1,042
1969 14$2,225
1982 14$3,157
2019 13$310
1972 13$3,135
1980 12$3,095
1986 12$4,610
2008 12$850
2011 12$675
1992 12$700
1997 12$865
1963 11$3,885
2014 11$315
2016 11$370
1958 10$2,170
1965 10$1,758
2007 10$660
1962 10$1,675
1964 10$3,520
2004 10$1,165
1999 10$965
1994 10$775
1984 9$1,300
1993 9$1,300
1990 9$1,175
1989 9$23,700
2002 9$430
1985 8$2,575
1956 7$900
2003 7$415
1998 7$440
2001 7$555
2000 7$2,250
1988 6$12,750
1955 5$1,475
1953 5$1,800
1960 5$375
1996 5$525
1952 4$275
1950 4$175
1951 3$250
1954 3$500
1995 3$60
2010 3$150
1948 1$50
1949 1$50
2020 1$100

Donor affiliations

51% Alumni

Show Alumni

8% Graduate Alumni

Show Graduate Alumni

22% Students

Show Students

8% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

8% Parents

Show Parents

3% Friends

Show Friends

Donor list

Mike Lawson
Jade Morris & Michael Morris
Alexandrea Maziarz
Kevin Wood & Tracie
mickey brown
Brian Callegari
Jeffrey Michaud
Courtney Rombaut
Colin Mediate
Barbara Selvey
Steven Sarandis
Bo Reardon
Isaiah Cashwell-Doe
C J Davis
Elaine T Davis
Aimee Pascale
Jon Yezzi
Ken Osborne
Jim Filippo
Peter Burdett
Tess Leary
Carolyn Zeliff
Kathy Hillman
Susan Krupski
Anthony Rainey
John Chandler
Erin Fitzgerald
Caitlin Foster
Ryan Murphy
Amy Crawford
Dean Boecher
Holly Noun
Leslie Houde
Joseph Thompson
Donald Brooks
Linda Prus
Duncan Cozens
Sandy Shawver
Bonnie Shassian Bernett


Springfield College Fund Leaderboard

Area of PassionDonorsDollars
Springfield College Fund: World-class Faculty12$737
Springfield College Fund: Technology and Teaching Tools15$1,560
Springfield College Fund: Student Life51$3,225
Springfield College Fund: Campus Facilities43$1,261
Springfield College Fund: Financial Aid (graduate)37$3,203
Springfield College Fund: Financial Aid (undergraduate)179$29,986
Springfield College Fund: Academic Enrichment33$8,720
Springfield College Fund: Greatest Needs510$153,694

Friends of Springfield College Athletics Leaderboard

Area of PassionDonorsDollars
Women's Volleyball15$1,225
Men's Volleyball7$350
Women's Track & Field15$1,093
Men's Track & Field4$200
Women's Tennis4$160
Men's Tennis2$100
Women's Swimming & Diving7$800
Men's Swimming & Diving11$1,475
Women's Soccer4$150
Men's Soccer10$2,145
Women's Lacrosse13$280
Men's Lacrosse12$763
Women's Gymnastics11$1,225
Men's Gymnastics7$625
Field Hockey15$940
Women's Cross Country2$30
Men's Cross Country5$130
Women's Basketball16$1,150
Men's Basketball7$440
I am a current or past parent49$4,880
I am a current student-athlete62$580
I am a fan289$23,187

Friends of East Campus Leaderboard

Area of PassionDonorsDollars
I am supporting the beautiful grounds and historic Pueblo at East Campus372$23,672

Student Emergency Fund (Students Supporting Students) Leaderboard

Area of PassionDonorsDollars
I am supporting my friends and fellow students who need it most77$3,798

Friends in Humanics Scholarship (Faculty and Staff Fund) Leaderboard

Area of PassionDonorsDollars
I am supporting deserving students through the Friends in Humanics Scholarship46$2,268
No Matches
No Challenges