Back the Badgers 2019

This campaign ended on October 19, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Spring Hill College by clicking here!

Back the Badgers and inspire success for more than 400 current student athletes at Spring Hill College, an athletic tradition that dates back more than 130 years!

Simply choose your favorite SHC Badger team, then make a gift to support the success of their 2019-20 season!

It's time...let's Back the Badgers!

US Heat Map

Badgers in the lead!

Women's Basketball 227$9,774
Baseball 35$4,827
Women's Volleyball 21$2,655
Women's Soccer 19$1,593
Softball 19$717
Men's Soccer 18$1,835
Men's Basketball 16$1,358
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country 13$522
Women's Golf 12$870
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country 10$505
Cheerleading & Dance 9$605
Baseball Program 9$1,070
Badger Club 7$392
Men's Tennis 6$382
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country 3$37
Men's Golf 3$200
Beach Volleyball 2$320
Women's Golf Program 1$25
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country 1$50
Men's Bowling 1$50
Women's Bowling 1$70
Women's Soccer Program 0$0
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country 0$0
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country 0$0
Women's Tennis 0$0
Men's Rugby 0$0

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33% First-time Donor

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12% Alumni

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6% Students

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26% Parents

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31% Friends

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Donor list

Daniel foshee
Christopher Shaw
Stephen shaw
Orlando Cabeza
Scott and Rachelle Simpson
Cláudio Nascimento
Arthur Sarrazin, Jr.
Joann Guerra
Lorrell Beaber
Robert B Schilli Jr
Kathryn Hammond
Ron Schroeder
Greg & Carla Balnoschan
Todd Caruso
Steve Bayer
John White
Teddy & Dana Carthen
James Benton
John & Britney Shaw
David and Suzanne Zimmermann
James P Chassaing
Daniel Seres
Robby Shell
Sean Bryant
Robert Lewis
Lori & Otis Price
Shelly Kraimer
Robert Bishop
Dr. Gresyn Rogers
Calvin McConico Jr.
Craig W. Rypstat
Tommy Thornton
Kolby McWilliams
Eric J Olson
Marc and Jennifer Goldring
Doug & Tammy Williams
Ingrid Fonseca
David Dupuy
Stephen Van Drisse
Melinda Johnson

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