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This campaign ended on May 09, 2021, but you can still make a gift to Southwestern University by clicking here!
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The Class of 2021, like all classes before us and those to come after, has been supported by the generosity of donors -- alumni, parents, friends, even faculty and staff and fellow students open their wallets to enhance our education. 

They've donated to things that we've all benefited from like scholarships, campus programming, the Center for Career and Professional Development, diversity initiatives, the student emergency fund, and the Southwestern fund -- where dollars meet the most pressing, current needs of Southwestern University and students like us. 

Now it's our turn. Let's join together to reach 100% class participation -- 325 donors -- before we graduate. Let's leave Southwestern University better than we found it. 

First, it's just important that you give at all! Any gift of any amount truly does make a difference. 

Second, give to something that you care about. Pick something that made your experience at Southwestern University better, or that you want to help be better in the future! Where do you want to make a difference? Give there. 

Here are a few of the initiatives that the Class of 2021 voted as our top priorities. Give to one of these, or write in one of your own!

  • Class of 2021 Scholarship
  • SU Emergency Fund
  • Office of Diversity Education
  • Southwestern Fund for Student Scholarships
  • Southwestern Fund

Amazing! There are lots of ways for you to further support this campaign and Southwestern University students.

  • Set up a recurring donation: We all have our Netflix or Spotify subscriptions that we are charged for monthly without a second thought. Giving back to Southwestern University can be just as easy! Consider setting up a $5 monthly gift to continually support the initiative of your choice! 
  • Share what you'll miss most: While making a gift of any size, share what you'll miss most about Southwestern University! Is it your fiends? A professors? A campus hot spot? We'll share these as updates on the campaign so you can look back and reminisce all together!
  • Help spread the word about this campaign: 
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    Step 2: While logged into your advocate account, use the social sharing buttons to help spread the word. 
    Step 3: Check back to the ‘advocates’ tab to see how many clicks, dollars, and donors you’ve generated.

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