The Heart of Smith 2020

This campaign ends on October 1 at 03:00AM EDT

Construction of the new Neilson, designed by renowned designer Maya Lin, began in October 2017. Her vision incorporates the original 1909 facade into a new, re-imagined complex that will serve as an intellectual commons. The project is expected to be completed in April 2021. 

As the academic heart of the campus, Neilson Library advances and celebrates learning, benefiting all who come to Smith. The new Neilson will not only be an innovative and beautiful campus building but also a space that meets educational needs today—and in the future.

Among its new features are:

  • The Digital Media Hub and two recording studios, where students can work on multimedia projects
  • The Skyline Reading Room on the fourth floor, with a catering kitchen and outdoor patio
  • Larger aisles in the stacks so that people in wheelchairs can turn around, rather than have to back out
  • A sunken garden and outdoor amphitheater space
  • An interior walkway connecting the new Neilson with Alumnae Gym, where additional learning spaces—including experimental studios, the User Experience Lab, a reading room and computer lab—will be open 24/7.

Your support matters now more than ever. We know many are not in a position to give at this time, but if you are able, will you please help? 

All gifts, regardless of size, make a difference in the lives of current Smithies.

In case you missed it: Read Smith's Culture of Care Plan

As President McCartney said, remote learning for the fall semester will allow Smith to "focus on what Smith does best—teaching and learning, supporting and caring for one another, and continuing to do good work in and for the world." 

To directly support students now, consider designating your gift to the Student Emergency Aid Fund or the Emergency Fund for Students of Color. 

The Student Emergency Aid Fund is administered by the Office of the Dean of the College, and supports student needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. For Fall 2020, the Student Emergency Aid Fund will support critical student needs such as broadband access, emergency airfare expenses, and the shipping of textbooks. It is a current-use fund--the full amount of your gift will support student needs immediately.

The Emergency Fund for Students of Color is administered by the Office of Multicultural Affairs and supports emergency needs of students of color. This fund was started by Black alumnae from the Class of 1974 in 2001, and is an endowed fund--your gift will add to the endowed fund and earnings on the endowment will be spent each year. Areas of support include needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic as well as medical/dental care, eyeglasses, medications and travel for urgent family matters.   

US Donor Map

Global Donor Map

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Students, Parents, Alumni, Alumnae/i
1948 2$510
1950 3$47,223
1951 2$1,500
1952 1$25
1953 3$30
1955 3$210
1956 1$10
1957 2$110
1958 3$160
1959 2$20
1960 2$90
1961 4$5,620
1962 6$1,272
1963 6$2,665
1964 10$51,585
1965 6$590
1966 8$1,250
1967 4$595
1968 7$4,479
1969 10$31,595
1970 7$1,880
1971 4$2,570
1972 11$2,545
1973 10$5,735
1974 9$566
1975 (Donations are being matched!)39$7,736
1976 9$1,215
1977 5$435
1978 6$230
1979 15$3,440
1980 4$80
1981 10$610
1982 11$621
1983 11$415
1984 18$1,166
1985 7$185
1986 9$3,240
1987 11$1,055
1988 12$1,125
1989 11$670
1990 15$970
1991 13$1,105
1992 17$980
1993 13$668
1994 17$463
1995 11$730
1996 21$934
1997 12$544
1998 15$548
1999 13$5,818
2000 14$625
2001 19$559
2002 13$880
2003 18$595
2004 12$463
2005 17$1,228
2006 11$265
2007 18$772
2008 9$1,178
2009 (Donations are being challenged!)15$730
2010 6$79
2011 9$181
2012 8$115
2013 1$5
2014 5$78
2015 7$74
2016 12$167
2017 6$105
2018 7$86
2019 4$20
2023 2$150
2024 1$25
Ada 29$3,085

Donor affiliations

1% Students

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5% Parents

Show Parents

1% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

2% Friends

Show Friends

3% Alumni

Show Alumni

89% Alumnae/i

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Donor list

Molly K Mulligan
Jeanne Loughlin Dockery
Clare J. Kiley
Beth Baltimore
Tisha Doppler
Christina Brown
Ashley Pereira
Mallory Clare Loehr
Erica Barnes Thomas
Jessica Schafer
Jennifer Loucks
Kayla Sheets
Rachel Redlener
Donna Martin Lerner
Evangelia Antonakos
Michelle A Saunders-Smith
Brandy L Bauer
Aurora Michelle Becerra
Deborah L. Wetzel
Cynthia mears
Frieda Malcolm
Connelly, Anne M
Samri Gebre
Heather McGaughey
Christine (Stahli) Cadorette
Ellen Bhattacharyya
Louise Arkel
Deena Jalal
Terry Kitay
Rebecca E Hatcher
Lisa McKnight
Paula C. Vincent
A Borchers
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Just for Class of 1975

Jody Angevin photo
Jody Angevin is matching $20 per donor up to $1,000 in the next 11 days. Only the next 9 donors will be matched!
Dottie Woodcock matched $25,000
Two generous alumnae (members of the classes of ’72 and ’76) will give $75,000 if 1,275 donors give in the next 11 days. 561 donors so far, 714 to go!

Just for Class of 2009

Lesley L. Joplin photo
Lesley L. Joplin will give $200 if 20 donors give in the next 11 days. 16 donors so far, 4 to go!