The Heart of Smith 2019

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More than just a building, Neilson Library is where ideas take flight. This is why it is so critical that Neilson keep up with the needs and expectations of students and scholars today and in the future. We are in the midst of an extensive library renovation project led by acclaimed designer Maya Lin that will embody Smith’s bold vision for the 21st century, creating new opportunities for intellectual exploration, innovation and discovery.

We invite you to be a part of this exciting project by donating during the month of June. Gifts will stretch far beyond new desks and bookshelves. They’ll create a space that informs, inspires and unites us all.


Please give as generously as you can today!

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Resourceful Smith

A hub of activity on campus, Neilson Library is a unifying space where teaching, learning, and community collide. Smith is in the midst of advancing Neilson for 21st century students with extensive renovations led by acclaimed designer Maya Lin. Be part of this exciting initiative by giving to Resourceful Smith.

The Smith Fund (General)

The Smith Fund is a driving force on campus. It sustains all that makes Smith exceptional and equips Smithies to realize their power for good. When you make a general donation to The Smith Fund, you powerfully and imminently impact Smith by helping us meet our most urgent needs.

Essential Smith

Being a Smithie means experiencing a thriving and diverse campus life. Donations to Essential Smith fund the financial aid of countless international, non-traditional, and financially disadvantaged students who make the Smith experience so meaningful. They also support the facilities and student organizations that make our community special. With your support, Smith's remarkable student body can continue to flourish on campus and beyond.

Ada Comstock Scholarship

Throughout her life, Ada Louise Comstock 1897 demonstrated her commitment to the education of women. Donations to Ada Comstock Scholarship support the financial aid of a diverse group of women who faced the interruption of their education and have come to Smith to complete their experience. With your support, these remarkable students, ranging in age from their 20's to their 60's, can have the opportunity to fulfill their potential as part of the Smith community.

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Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Students, Parents, Alumni, Alumnae/i
Class YearDonorsDollars
1944 2$1,100
1946 2$765
1947 1$2,500
1948 2$60
1949 1$5,027
1950 8$7,755
1951 6$5,717
1952 4$825
1953 5$155
1954 7$2,410
1955 12$2,230
1956 12$3,705
1957 6$1,575
1958 11$1,030
1959 6$3,390
1960 14$3,719
1961 7$650
1962 13$36,785
1963 17$15,460
1964 17$22,318
1965 8$2,925
1966 21$5,659
1967 16$11,030
1968 36$14,069
1969 12$2,627
1970 (Donations are being matched!)19$17,228
1971 14$8,920
1972 22$4,342
1973 26$5,300
1974 20$10,889
1975 (Donations are being matched!)36$15,399
1976 16$1,170
1977 (Donations are being matched!)12$27,790
1978 16$2,828
1979 7$5,375
1980 18$11,055
1981 21$3,270
1982 14$7,726
1983 23$13,200
1984 18$10,065
1985 9$5,580
1986 16$4,850
1987 16$710
1988 26$7,743
1989 8$3,280
1990 19$2,078
1991 23$11,178
1992 23$1,228
1993 27$2,001
1994 32$3,610
1995 18$6,316
1996 23$845
1997 15$955
1998 26$1,645
1999 18$1,597
2000 26$1,345
2001 23$1,070
2002 19$515
2003 20$1,814
2004 13$254
2005 17$7,375
2006 19$305
2007 16$535
2008 19$629
2009 19$435
2010 15$217
2011 13$262
2012 21$1,703
2013 12$315
2014 10$104
2015 7$80
2016 13$216
2017 13$5,115
2018 7$225
2019 1$20
2020 2$60
2021 1$1
2022 6$485
2023 1$100
Ada 34$917

Donor affiliations

2% Students

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5% Parents

Show Parents

1% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

2% Friends

Show Friends

2% Alumni

Show Alumni

91% Alumnae/i

Show Alumnae/i

Donor list

Margherita Tortora
Gwen H MattlemanGwen H Mattleman photo
Gale Thompson McMullin
Hillary Montgomery
Akiko Nakakoshi
Jasmine Parthasarathy
Loulou Momoh
Ruthemma Joy Rush-Wells
Sara Toye
Leila Horn
Wendy Freyer
Lares S Feliciano
meng lee-eliot
Laurie Parker Mendoza
Carole MacDonald
Kara M Maciel
Abby Klein Horwitz
Inkyung Yook
Sarah Bingham
Angie Kim
Emily F Ender
Jan Carter
Holly Lincoln
Wendy Cowles
Morgan L Hewitt
Mary LowreyGregory
Samantha Osmer
Emily Carey Cronin
Nancy Bowen
Ellen Cormier
Hilary Eddy Stipelman
Glenna M. Hazeltine
Jess PlumridgeJess Plumridge photo
Macy Boehm Clemons
Marilyn Brumder
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Just for Class of 1977

Gwen H Mattleman photo
Gwen H Mattleman is matching $10 per donor up to $500 for the next 12 days
Only the next 49 donors will be matched!

Just for Class of 1975

Jody Angevin photo
Jody Angevin is matching $10 per donor up to $500 for the next 12 days
Only the next 21 donors will be matched!

Just for Class of 1970

Anonymous is matching $100 per donor up to $5,000 for the next 12 days
Only the next 32 donors will be matched!

Elizabeth B Ericson matched $200
Anonymous will give $1,000,000 if 2,376 donors give in the next 12 days
1,273 donors so far, 1,103 to go!

Monica Wang photoMonica Wang gave $100 because 100 donors made a gift in 32 days.

Only 46 left!

The first 48 alumnae to become an Advocate for this challenge and generate 5 or more donations, will be sent a Smith College Alumna Car Decal to show your support of Smith wherever you drive! Click the 'Advocates' tab to get started.


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All gifts to this campaign count toward recognition as a Smith Star, which commences upon five years of consecutive annual giving to Smith. An embroidered star decal is presented at reunion.


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