Class of 1981: Race to Reunion

By The Class of 1981 Fund Team

This campaign ended on May 20, 2016, but you can still make a gift to Smith College by clicking here!

In a philanthropic twist on a friendly rivalry, we have challenged the class of 1981 from Mount Holyoke College to raise participation in annual giving—all for the great cause of women’s education.

Let’s rally together as a class! Our goal is to secure 150 new donors who haven't given to The Smith Fund yet this year before reunion. If you fall into this category, your gift of any amount to The Smith Fund helps. It is important for everyone to participate. Remember: our counterparts at Mount Holyoke will be giving to their alma mater as well.

It’s all in fun, and our gifts will be put to good use, helping to fund financial aid, curricular development, faculty-student research opportunities, internships and study-away programs.

The deadline to participate is Friday, May 20 at 9 p.m. Smith time—Reunion weekend at both Smith and Mount Holyoke.

Two great colleges.

Two powerful legacies. 

One mission.



Donor affiliations

45% Alumnae

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3% Parents

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Donor list

Leslie Garmon Sarasin
Caroline K. Schwarz
MJ Kahn
Holly Gonzalez
Natalie Lunis
geraldine nager griffin
Amy Rittenhouse
Penelope S A Simpson
Patricia C. Hick
Linda Merrill
Ellen Trout van Iwaarden
Deborah Pendzimas Tomasco
Karen M Davis
Barbara Howe
Nancy Kelman
Gwendolyn Ricks-Spencer
Elizabeth Likly
Kirstan Marnane
Debby Mittelman
Georgette Pan
Pamela J. Miller

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Generate 5 or more donations and you will receive a ‘Powered by Smithies’ adhesive cell phone pocket to show your support of Smith wherever you are!


Generate $500 or more in donations and receive a ‘Smith College Alumna’ window decal to show the world that you’re a proud Smithie!