ALL 4 ONE 2018

This campaign ends on April 1 at 03:00AM EDT



This March, we urge you to participate in All 4 One, Smith’s quest to increase alumnae giving participation by 4 percentage points. All 4 One is not about dollars and cents. It’s about us coming together to become one of the most engaged groups of alumnae donors.

To reach this goal, we need 1,577 alumnae who have not given this year to do so over the course of 31 days in March. That’s 51 new donors per day. We’re asking you to be 1 of them.

The reason is simple: there’s power in numbers. The alumnae giving participation rate directly affects Smith’s national rankings and, in turn, each of us.

BE 1 OF 51 
Please make your donation today.


From now until March 31, we will be counting all donors in the GOLD (Graduate Of the Last Decade) classes and offering a prize for the top three classes. 

The GOLD classes with the most donors in the month of March will have the following amounts added to their class fundraising totals. 

1st place:  $1,000 

2nd place:    $750

3rd place:     $500

Choose from one of nine designations to make your gift today:

The Smith Fund (General)
The Smith Fund is a driving force on campus. It sustains all that makes Smith exceptional and equips Smithies to realize their power for good. When you make a general donation to The Smith Fund, you powerfully and imminently impact Smith by helping us meet our most urgent needs.

Essential Smith
Being a Smithie means experiencing a thriving and diverse campus life. Donations to Essential Smith fund the financial aid of countless international, non-traditional, and financially disadvantaged students who make the Smith experience so meaningful. They also support the facilities and student organizations that make our community special. With your support, Smith's remarkable student body can continue to flourish on campus and beyond.

Global Smith
Smith women impact the world at home and abroad every single day. By funding Global Smith, you facilitate the unique learning opportunities and internationally focused programming that prepare Smithies to affect change wherever life takes them.

Inclusive Smith
Smith’s community flourishes when it is as rich and diverse as the world itself. When you give to Inclusive Smith, you support initiatives that engage, connect, and embrace underrepresented students. More importantly, you help create the shared sense of belonging that makes Smith—and Smithies—strong.

International Scholarships
Students attend Smith from all over the world. We currently have attendees from more than 60 countries! Donations to International Scholarships specifically fund financial aid packages of our international student population.

Resourceful Smith
A hub of activity on campus, Neilson Library is a unifying space where teaching, learning, and community collide. Smith is in the midst of advancing Neilson for 21st century students with extensive renovations led by acclaimed designer Maya Lin. Be part of this exciting initiative by giving to Resourceful Smith.

Smart Smith
At Smith, educating the 21st century mind happens in classrooms and throughout the world. Contributions to Smart Smith support our students' impassioned pursuit of knowledge and creativity by sustaining the experiential and integrated learning opportunities, curricular innovations, fine arts and humanities, and world-class faculty that set Smith's academics apart.

Sustainable Smith
Stewarding resources wisely is part of what it means to lead a life of distinction. Gifts directed to Sustainable Smith support our efforts to maintain and innovate green practices throughout campus so that our footprint remains small as our legacy grows even stronger.

Ada Comstock Scholarship

Throughout her life, Ada Louise Comstock 1897 demonstrated her commitment to the education of women. Donations to Ada Comstock Scholarship support the financial aid of a diverse group of women who faced the interruption of their education and have come to Smith to complete their experience. With your support, these remarkable students, ranging in age from their 20s to their 60s, can have the opportunity to fulfill their potential as part of the Smith community.

Want to know what incentives you can earn? Check out the left sidebar for further descriptions and the levels that it takes to have these items sent to you.

US Heat Map
Global Heat Map

Class Leaderboard
The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Students, Parents, Alumna
Class YearDonorsDollars
2002 (Donations are being matched!)15$1,640
1993 (Donations are being matched!)15$1,298
1989 13$2,589
Ada 12$815
1988 11$3,550
2005 11$240
1973 10$3,400
2015 10$360
1983 9$1,210
1978 9$1,530
1968 8$1,135
1960 8$1,875
2007 8$1,978
1975 (Donations are being matched!)8$725
1987 8$11,790
1980 7$500
1985 7$575
1959 6$1,340
1995 6$470
1963 6$4,540
2001 (Donations are being matched!)6$182
1958 6$13,175
2004 6$610
1969 6$1,145
1991 6$275
1996 6$400
1964 6$1,850
1986 6$1,225
1961 5$1,250
2011 5$205
1977 5$725
1976 5$505
2008 5$200
1992 5$392
1974 5$2,974
2016 5$295
2010 5$185
1994 5$150
1953 4$345
1951 4$775
1950 4$524
1948 4$970
2017 4$155
1981 4$1,125
1957 4$4,540
2013 4$150
2003 4$700
1997 4$1,800
1998 4$570
1967 3$301
1952 3$450
1946 3$500
1971 3$325
1966 3$1,700
1982 3$1,125
1947 3$185
1955 3$175
1984 3$450
2000 3$125
1956 3$300
1972 3$650
1954 3$1,900
2006 3$285
2014 3$50
1944 2$200
1999 2$125
1990 2$68
2019 2$51
2012 1$50
1941 1$250
1933 1$500
1939 1$100
1962 1$500
2009 1$25
1949 1$250
1943 1$300
1940 1$50
2018 1$25
2020 1$100

Donor affiliations

1% Students

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1% Parents

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1% Faculty/Staff

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97% Alumna

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Donor list
Alexandra Jackson
Kathryn Weselcouch Voigt
Wendy A Cowles
Nashwa Alsharki
Kendra Hatfield-Timajchy
Deborah Rosenthal
Reagen Kulseth
Deena Jalal
Pam Walker
Dawn Judd
LeeAnne Hutchison
Maria Ciampa
Ingrid Warga McConnell
Jenna A. Wallenstein
Florina Voica
Helen Rodriguez
Kelly E Butler
Caroline Mayher
Samantha Bloom
Sherry Weinberg Cromett
Marcia J. Franzen-Hintze
Patricia Metthe Todebush
Alannah Gustavson
Senait Kassahun
Hannah Swibold Becker
Aimie Chapple
Anni Elwell HannaPicture?height=150&width=150
Helen O. Ladd
Martha L Redeker
Rebecca A Lombardi
Tanya D TrevisanPicture?height=150&width=150
Julie Schaeffer
Allison C Aurand
Jennine M. Crane
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Just for Class of 2001

Anonymous is matching $4 per donor up to $100 for the next 14 days
Only the next 22 donors will be matched!

Just for Class of 2002

Nirupa Umapathy is matching $1 per $1 donated up to $1,000 for the next 14 days
Only the next $455 will be matched!

Just for Class of 1975

Thumb avatar g   me wedding
Jody Angevin is matching $20 per donor up to $1,000 for the next 14 days
Only the next 45 donors will be matched!

Just for Class of 1993

Index trending profilepic
Elizabeth Rosa is matching $50 per donor up to $4,000 for the next 14 days
Only the next 68 donors will be matched!

Sarah (Soss) Warnick matched $500
Picture?height=150&width=150Katherine Evans gave $500 because 5 donors made a gift in 5 days.

Become an Advocate for this challenge and when you generate at least 1 donation, you will be sent a gadget grip dot to display the Grécourt Gate on the home button of your tablet or smartphone device. Click the 'Advocates' tab to get started.


Become an Advocate for this challenge and when you generate 5 or more donations, you will be sent a ‘Powered by Smithies’ adhesive cell phone pocket to show your support of Smith wherever you are! Click the 'Advocates' tab to get started.


All gifts to this campaign count toward recognition as a Smith Star, which commences upon five years of consecutive annual giving to Smith. An embroidered star decal is presented at reunion.


With a gift of $50 or more, you may select to receive a Smith Fund micro buff for cleaning your electronic devices. A 'Micro Buff' is a mini microfiber cloth featuring a repositionable backing so it’s always there when you need it.


With a gift of $100 or more, you may select to receive a ‘Powered by Smithies’ adhesive cell phone pocket to show your support of Smith wherever you are!


For your gift of $250 or more, you can choose to receive a canvas Smith Fund tote bag. Great for grocery shopping or transporting materials to and from work.