All in to Win

This campaign ended on April 16, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Skidmore College by clicking here!


Wow! In only 7 days, 1,413 donors rallied support and raised $51,496 for Skidmore Athletics – the most raised in a single week for our programs!

Thank you to everyone who participated! 

Congratulations to the teams with the highest donor percentage to goal:

1st Place: Women's Tennis & Men's Tennis 
2nd Place: Women's Basketball & Men's Soccer
3rd Place: Women's Volleyball & Men's Ice Hockey


All in to Win is a week-long donor challenge to support Skidmore Athletics. All teams -- regardless of size -- will compete to win extra funds for their program. 

Each team has a donor participation goal (see donor tab). Starting at 8 a.m. Monday, April 9, you can make a gift indicating your favorite team (up to 2 teams). You will be counted once toward the donor goal for each team you select. 

The extra team funds of $2,500 (1st place), $1,500 (2nd place) and $1,000 (3rd place) will go to the top-performing teams (3 each women's and men's) with the highest percent of the donor goal achieved at the close of the contest at midnight on Sunday, April 15.

Show your pride! Use our social media tool kit for images you can share to help spread the word. 

Go T-Breds!



Team Leaderboard

DesignationDonorsDollarsGoal (Donors)%
Women's Tennis 190$3,755101900.0%
Men's Tennis 172$9,040101720.0%
Women's Basketball 170$3,389101700.0%
Men's Ice Hockey 142$4,93025568.0%
Men's Soccer 126$5,14020630.0%
Riding 102$2,49325408.0%
Baseball 82$5,57615546.7%
Crew 82$3,10820410.0%
Field Hockey 81$3,29925324.0%
Volleyball 66$2,02210660.0%
Women's Soccer 58$1,43015386.7%
Swimming & Diving 51$1,89420255.0%
Men's Basketball 37$2,25615246.7%
Women's Lacrosse 29$76725116.0%
Men's Lacrosse 22$3863073.3%
Golf 17$97615113.3%
Softball 10$34610100.0%

Donor affiliations

18% Alumni

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22% Students

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18% Parents

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4% Faculty/Staff

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38% Friends

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Donor list

John W Hutchinson
G. Watkins
Mercy Paine
Lydia DelGrosso
Jerry Watkins
DL Barnes
Veronica Moceri photoVeronica Moceri
PJ Rogers
David J Essig
Nicole Y Wong
Jamie Essig
Charles Kneaves
Christopher Essig
Matthew E Poole
Sam Hobbs
Cashmiere Jones
Priscilla Swenson
Debra Morrow Borden
Melinda Dutton
Hannah Arnold
John Finnegan
Sharon Kasel
Sean D OBrien
Christopher Javens
Hy yorke
Paige Dooley
Kate hasyne
DJ No English
Victor Oyeniyi
Chris hasyne
Lisa F Sykes
John M Modransky
Brandon kasel
Jeremiah OBRIEN

Patrick McEvoy photoPatrick McEvoy matched $500
Laurence Olivieri photoLaurence Olivieri gave $5 because $5 was donated in 7 days.

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