Lot #23: Fund-a-Need : The Neuroscience Behind Brain Development

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Fund-a-Need : The Neuroscience Behind Brain Development 

Over the past decade, research in the realm of neuroscience has significantly changed the understanding of how the human brain learns. There is an emergent movement to pull this research off the page and into the arms of teachers, who are eager to apply its wisdom today - not tomorrow. 

Pedagogy is constantly evolving and continued professional development is a vital element of the teaching profession. Access to cutting-edge research allows educators to master the mechanisms at work in the ever-evolving landscape behind what it means to learn. 

For example, Hattie et al’s 2020 study published in the Journal of Professional Capital and Community provides compelling evidence in support of the neurological concept that high levels of collective teacher efficacy (CTE) within a school directly correlate with improved student learning. 

CTE refers to the shared belief that through their collective action, educators can influence student outcomes and increase achievement for all students. CTE has also been shown to provide an important boost in confidence for our teachers by expanding their understanding of how the brain of a child functions. This, in turn, drastically increases the quality of education students receive. 

Neuroplasticity is the lifelong ability of the brain to alter its organization as a result of experiences. As a result, the brain has the ability to change over time given the right environment. 

Neuroplasticity is most prominent from the ages of 6-14, exactly when your child will be in attendance during their formative years at our school. Because students' brains are constantly rewiring in reaction to their environment, this research will empower every INTL teacher with the tools to become a skilled “brain developer” for your child. 

Understanding the neuroscience of learning is not just reading an article or a quick TedTalk. This journey informs and expands our knowledge to create an education system adapted to students as both individuals with independent needs, and as part of a group that learns from each other through a unique and diverse worldview. Our faculty must remain at the forefront of the latest research to understand the best and most effective means of providing your children what they deserve - a platinum standard of learning retention. 

Silicon Valley International School (INTL) is planning for teachers to participate in professional training on how to best apply these new neurological studies in our classrooms. These training sessions will further ensure that our educators have the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to carve out a learning roadmap for our students and put each and every child on a personalized path of success. 

Raise your paddles high for the Fund-a-Need, where your contribution will support our faculty’s participation in neuroscience workshops designed to provide the tools they require to use the best teaching methods available for your child

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