2020 Reunion Challenge

This campaign ends on June 30 at 11:59PM EDT

If your patience and resilience have felt tested by this period of adversity, you aren’t alone. And although you can rarely predict when these moments will arrive, you draw strength from the Sidwell Friends education that prepared you for times such as these.

This global outbreak has reminded us that we are interconnected and that what we do individually impacts others well beyond our immediate communities. And what Sidwell Friends students learn today and put into practice tomorrow will shape the experiences of people across the globe. With your gift, you play a crucial part in preparing them to respond in times of crisis with integrity, empathy, and resiliency. 

Your gift matters for every student and teacher, every day. And more than in perhaps any other Reunion year, your class gift will make an incredible difference. Your gift will strengthen this School as we navigate an unprecedented distance learning period, reimagine the Sidwell Friends experience on a digital platform, and reestablish routines upon returning to campus.

When everything feels unfamiliar, your class gift will remind our students that the Sidwell Friends community and its values remain unchanged.

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
AffiliationDonorsDollarsGoal ($)%
2015 14$1,886$2,01593.6%
2010 23$5,140$8,15063.1%
2005 11$4,738$7,00067.7%
2000 22$35,025$50,00070.1%
1995 19$15,368$17,00090.4%
1990 23$12,258$21,50057.0%
1985 26$72,468$131,20355.2%
1980 19$11,575$35,00033.1%
1975 22$19,395$67,71028.6%
1970 21$38,925$50,00077.9%
1965 19$3,070$40,3867.6%
1960 15$43,297$75,00057.7%
1955 15$14,790$25,00059.2%
1950 12$52,615$6,300835.2%

Donor affiliations

100% Alumni

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Donor list

Marna Matthews
Sani Eldarwish
Thomas L Sullivan
Catherine A Bodine
Arshad A Mohammed
Shawn Johnson
Kathy Kleeman
Jill McClanahan Watson
Chris Tufty
Nikhilesh Tandon & Neha Tandon
Brenner Bernstein
Nick Friedman
Neville Waters
Musashi Liu
Mary Bryan
Rebeca Wolfe-Balbuena
Philip Todd
Neil Shaw
Daniel Eichner
Stephanie Fain Morrow
james ritzenberg
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