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This campaign ended on June 30, 2021, but you can still make a gift to Seton Hall University by clicking here!

Support the School of Diplomacy in offering invaluable research opportunities to all students, regardless of financial privilege. Under the direction of Prof. Joseph Huddleston, the School of Diplomacy recently launched the “DiploLab” for student research. The DiploLab pairs students with faculty research projects, providing them a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in academic research and build long-term relationships with their professors that extend beyond the classroom. It creates an avenue for professional development that supports students’ academic and career goals for years after they graduate. 

Students are currently working on a volunteer basis on projects including: 

  • Exciting on the ground research on the conflict in Yemen; 
  • Collecting original data on separatist movements; 
  • Transcribing interviews conducted by faculty with policy decision-makers; 
  • Designing and refining surveys; and analyzing survey data. 

However, as a volunteer research lab, only students who can afford to spend the volunteer hours receive this opportunity. When the DiploLab Fund can support the student researchers, this opportunity will become available to students who would otherwise have to work a paying job during these hours. Help the School to create equal opportunity for all students. 

Goal breakdown: 5 students to work 10 hours per week ($11 an hour) over 12 weeks + administrative costs (equipment etc.) of running the lab. 

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