The Time is Now: The Campaign for SYA

102% of $18,000,000 goal
This campaign ended on June 30, 2021, but you can still make a gift to School Year Abroad by clicking here!


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An Anonymous DonorA group of trustees matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $360,000

An Anonymous DonorA group of alumni matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $500,000
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SYA taught us that understanding knows no boundary.  

Together, we know the value of looking at the world from an utterly different point of view. The importance of curiosity and dialogue. How the exchange of art, music, food and customs can strengthen our larger human family. 

 The moment has arrived to champion and promote SYA. Our school is continually motivated to seek improvement, and always will be. Today, that means investing in a bold curriculum redesign and strengthening SYA’s financial foundation. 

By joining in support of SYA with the thousands of alumni, parents, and friends who have already made a giftyou can help prepare the bridge builders of tomorrow and affirm the bonds that unite us as human beings. 

Why make a pledge?
Inspire, Embrace and Support

The Campaign for SYA is not intended to buy, build or renovate a structure, but rather to inspire, embrace and support the people and the heart of SYA. This continues a history of inspiring young people to think beyond what they know and to grow in ways they never thought possible, as the quotes from those above can attest. What does the SYA experience mean to you?

1082 days ago by Allison Butler
Making History

With just over a week to go in our unprecedented comprehensive capital campaign, we are nearly at the $17 million mark of our $18 million goal. Never before has SYA embarked on such an ambitious fundraising endeavor to secure the endowment of student aid, faculty and curricular innovation, and support current operations through the SYA Fund.

No people? No problem!
During a challenging year that saw empty campuses abroad, SYA jumped into the virtual world, hosting a variety of engaging online webinars and classes for alumni, parents and SYA friends.
From Italian cinema to French art deco to Chinese dumplings to the geopolitical landscape in Spain, our faculty covered a variety of topics through “back to school” Zoom events and language clubs. Participants were able to practice their language skills and share knowledge and new ideas – all while reconnecting with their classmates. Faculty members also partnered with some of our member schools to bring foreign perspectives on art and literature to life through a series of informative webinars.

Did you know that the SYA Class of ’22 will see full campuses in Spain, France and Italy in September?

Did you know that campaign support of our financial aid initiative is making resources like the Malú and Carlos Alvarez Global Scholars Fund available to expand access to SYA and ensure a robust and diverse pool of students from all backgrounds?

Did you know that campaign support allowed SYA to bring back virtually all faculty members at nearly full salary in December to work on expanding SYA’s experiential curriculum? They were able to engage in professional development around pedagogy and issues of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion to better support students from all backgrounds and identities. SYA also offered virtual classes to alumni and allowed many to reconnect with their past teachers!

1088 days ago by Allison Butler
Cool Beans!

Y2K was a bust, Facebook and other social media platforms exploded, and the Harry Potter series debuted. SYA France dedicated Villa Alvarez, its permanent home in Rennes, SYA Italy opened its doors in Viterbo and SYA China marked its 20-year anniversary in Beijing, highlighted by a visit from First Lady Michelle Obama and China’s First Lady Peng Liyuan. Check out other SYA memories and add your own!

SYA alums continue to shine, thanks to robust financial aid and unique experiential learning opportunities abroad.

"Expecting the Unexpected” - Meet our first Alvarez Global Scholars, Annika Milliman FR’20 and Frances Lebowitz IT’20, and learn why the SYA student aid initiative is so critical to our future.

"Quantum Leap” - Merritt Moore IT’05, ballerina and physicist, on the value of cultural immersion.

On the Rails in Rennes” - Gardner Krag FR’19 shares the inspiration for his SYA capstone project.  

1095 days ago by Allison Butler
Da Bomb!

Ronald Reagan was elected president, the Berlin Wall crumbled, Madonna was big, and our hair was even bigger! In the 90s, the internet exploded and Google, Ebay and Amazon went live. At SYA, we welcomed Francesca Piana of SYA Spain as our first female resident director, and launched a semester program at SYA China with 18 students.

Meet some SYA alums who are using their voices to foster peace and empathy:

 “A provocative, revolutionary story-teller” – Cheo Hodari Coker ES’89 credits SYA for cultural confidence

Pen Over Sword” - Susan Benesch FR’81 on dismantling dangerous speech around the globe

The world needs more listeners” - Maya Angela Smith ES’99 and the power of language studies

1102 days ago by Allison Butler

Whether you wore penny loafers, shoulder pads, bomber jackets or Timberlands, you hold a special place in SYA’s history. 

Learn what inspires SYA pioneer and enduring supporter Stephen Foster ES'65 to stay engaged with SYA 56 years later.

Listen to globetrotting human rights lawyer Douglass Cassel ES'65 ES'11P tell the story of attending protests in Barcelona under Franco's rule.

Trailblazers Emily Nicklin ES'71, Janis Tomlinson ES'71, Laura Heery FR'72 and Laura Rodriguez FR'72 share their experiences as the first SYA female students abroad.

The moment has arrived to shepherd SYA into an exciting and promising future! By joining in support of The Campaign for SYA, you can help ensure SYA's continued role in a changing world.

 With just 28 days to go, can you help us unlock the remaining $50,000 of our $500,000 match challenge?

1108 days ago by Allison Butler
What S Y A means to you

Through the generous support of our community, we have raised over $15.5 million of an ambitious $18 million goal. You know how important the SYA experience is – you’ve lived it firsthand!

Making a gift to The Campaign for SYA will help to advance excellence across all campuses, make the SYA experience accessible to all students, sustain the central source of inspiration and guidance through our educators, and invest in meaningful and ambitious real-world projects.

As we make our way to June 30, we will be celebrating nearly 60 years of students, faculty, and learning across all SYA campuses. Throughout this month, join in our celebration by making your gift, sharing a photo, connecting with your classmates, and telling us what SYA means to you! Share a memory.

1108 days ago by Allison Butler

SYA Class LeaderboardThe SYA Class Leaderboard reflects giving from China Alumni, France Alumni, Italy Alumni, Spain Alumni
AffiliationDonors$ Raised
France - 197934$2,096,043
France - 198528$1,263,465
Spain - 196510$1,113,598
France - 197123$923,039
Spain - 198123$703,300
Spain - 198631$674,723
France - 198622$614,910
France - 199014$614,195
France - 197727$568,233
France - 200015$548,925
France - 198124$312,360
France - 197427$235,914
Spain - 196810$214,645
France - 198329$153,153
Spain - 197621$120,888
Spain - 198515$91,795
Spain - 19895$79,250
China - 19963$73,890
France - 198216$66,765
Italy - 200212$65,281
China - 200412$63,085
France - 197839$58,506
France - 196927$56,900
France - 198913$44,975
Spain - 198211$44,300
France - 197015$37,895
France - 197515$36,450
Spain - 198315$36,425
France - 199225$33,670
Spain - 198717$32,850
Spain - 197119$31,520
France - 198015$26,260
France - 198716$25,879
France - 197221$24,936
Spain - 197210$22,485
Spain - 199813$22,022
China - 200515$21,592
France - 197616$21,458
France - 20018$21,315
Spain - 19906$20,610
Spain - 200514$20,562
Spain - 19778$20,205
Spain - 20153$19,590
France - 197311$19,050
Spain - 201714$18,138
France - 198417$17,391
China - 200628$17,337
Spain - 196911$16,742
Spain - 200118$14,791
Italy - 201613$14,235
France - 199815$14,100
Spain - 19936$13,849
Spain - 19758$13,515
France - 200212$13,425
Spain - 198418$12,379
China - 200121$12,096
France - 199518$12,043
Italy - 200516$10,995
Spain - 200316$10,692
France - 198813$10,325
Spain - 19799$9,770
France - 200827$8,754
Spain - 197412$8,420
France - 196813$8,204
Spain - 19739$7,675
France - 19948$7,600
Spain - 19705$6,875
France - 200313$6,505
China - 200819$6,278
Spain - 196716$5,906
Spain - 201014$5,615
France - 199112$5,300
Spain - 19918$5,275
Spain - 200417$5,270
Spain - 19949$5,055
Italy - 200614$4,955
Spain - 19664$4,880
Italy - 20207$4,750
China - 19978$4,700
France - 199310$4,577
Italy - 200414$4,575
France - 19999$4,438
China - 200311$4,165
Spain - 198810$4,120
Spain - 199211$4,036
Spain - 20186$4,015
France - 199714$3,950
China - 20189$3,850
China - 200012$3,750
Italy - 200816$3,645
France - 199610$3,521
France - 200519$3,154
France - 200912$3,105
China - 200710$3,035
France - 201014$3,017
China - 19999$2,875
France - 200417$2,730
China - 20146$2,690
Spain - 199911$2,641
Spain - 19965$2,597
Spain - 200822$2,576
Spain - 19788$2,493
Spain - 200210$2,265
China - 19987$2,215
France - 201116$2,150
Spain - 20009$2,035
France - 20205$2,000
China - 20024$1,900
China - 201011$1,810
China - 20205$1,809
China - 200916$1,685
France - 200713$1,670
Spain - 200914$1,625
Italy - 20078$1,600
Italy - 20129$1,535
China - 201213$1,490
France - 20069$1,435
Spain - 19978$1,422
France - 20156$1,310
Spain - 199511$1,295
Spain - 20208$1,247
Spain - 20075$1,145
Italy - 200312$1,115
China - 20165$1,030
France - 201213$981
China - 201311$955
Italy - 20098$925
France - 201316$916
Spain - 20069$915
Italy - 20147$865
China - 201113$795
Spain - 201411$770
China - 201510$751
Spain - 20126$745
Spain - 20166$700
France - 201718$692
Italy - 20108$645
France - 20167$645
Spain - 20115$565
France - 20148$501
Italy - 20157$455
France - 20186$400
Spain - 20135$365
Italy - 201310$355
Spain - 20195$353
France - 20197$311
China - 20174$290
Italy - 20184$281
China - 20193$270
Italy - 20114$230
Italy - 20196$180
China - 19952$125
Italy - 20171$15
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