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Does a $5 donation really make that much of an impact on our campuses? The answer is a resounding YES. Gifts of all sizes matter and you can have an even greater impact with monthly giving.

It may seem like small change, but when young alumni come together, $5 or $10 monthly donations add up to thousands of dollars over time. 

Those dollars allow SYA to provide the experience we know and love. Support of the SYA Fund is essential to providing the exceptional experience to today’s students that our school is known for. 

Your monthly donation has a direct impact on all aspects of the education you experienced firsthand: 

πŸ“š Innovative curriculum in and out of the classroom

✏️ Immersive fieldwork opportunities

πŸ’• Caring host families

🍎 Engaging teachers

✈️ Riveting travel experiences

πŸ™Œ Financial aid to ensure the best possible student body

Change Over Time ⏰
πŸ’™ It is #GivingTuesday!

Participate in the Young Alumni Challenge and help young alums reach 250 donors by June 30!

Today by Samantha Quinn

Today by Samantha Quinn
πŸ‚ This Thanksgiving, we are feeling so grateful for alumni like you!

5 days ago by Samantha Quinn
πŸ—“ Mark your calendar! #GivingTuesday on November 30!

6 days ago by Samantha Quinn

10 days ago by Samantha Quinn

10 days ago by Samantha Quinn

Donor Maps
SYA Class LeaderboardThe SYA Class Leaderboard reflects giving from China, France, India, Italy, Spain, Vietnam
AffiliationDonors$ RaisedGoal (Donors)%
Spain - 20132$75643.1
Spain - 20112$1,020583.4
France - 20152$160593.4
China - 20182$300316.5
China - 20082$50643.1
China - 20072$100513.9
Spain - 20191$10591.7
China - 20151$25412.4
Spain - 20121$75581.7
France - 20091$50611.6
Spain - 20201$100631.6
Spain - 20151$5,000631.6
Spain - 20101$100591.7
Spain - 20091$150581.7
Spain - 20081$100561.8
Spain - 20071$25502.0
Italy - 20201$20352.9
Italy - 20161$200482.1
Italy - 20111$10382.6
Italy - 20091$10482.1
Italy - 20071$50531.9
France - 20171$15531.9
France - 20111$250611.6
France - 20101$500611.6
China - 20121$20492.0
China - 20111$20452.2
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