115 for the 115 years of Salesianum

By Michael Webster

This campaign ended on December 31, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Salesianum School by clicking here!

Salesianum is looking for 115 new young alumni donors by January 1, 2018 for the 115th anniversary of Salesianum. One of our biggest challenges looming is not dollars raised, it's the number of alumni giving. Only one in ten alumni make a gift in a given year, and the median age is about 60 years old.

Our generation does not respond to traditional methods of outreach and it's no surprise.   We are in the middle...in the middle of building a career, a life and even possibly a family. We know you are busy but Salesianum is calling. Our alma mater has only thrived through optimistic vision, strong leadership and graduates that have taken hold and responsibility for future generations. 

As an alumnus, you’re still a part of something bigger than yourself. Salesianum is calling you. Make a gift today and add your voice to the chorus of echoes that reverberate through the halls. Take hold of the responsibility for the future of Salesianum.

Global Donor Map

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
2000 8$363
1999 6$593
2002 4$89
2001 3$79
1995 3$480
2015 3$40
2007 2$29
2004 2$70
2010 2$38
2012 1$15
2003 1$10
2013 1$10
1986 1$19
2005 1$115
2016 1$10
2021 1$10
1997 1$19
1993 1$115
1998 1$300
1985 1$115

Donor affiliations

93% Alumni

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2% Students

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2% Parents

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2% Faculty/Staff

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Donor list

Dan Lyons
Matt Farina photoMatt Farina
Rick DiCesare
Josh Powell photoJosh Powell
Richard Fell II photoRichard Fell II
Rob Shutt photoRob Shutt
Michael J. Murphy, Jr photoMichael J. Murphy, Jr
Terence D. Young photoTerence D. Young
Vincent E Jackson
Patrick W McGrory
Joseph W. Bader
Roderick L Carey, PhD
Sonny Maiorano
Matt Bamonte
Joseph Neary
Jim Vachris
Richard Segrave-Daly
Paul Webster
Brian Schlegel
Gary T Nolan
Bob McCall
Nick Marchesiello
Rich Yoegel photoRich Yoegel
Tommy DiEmidio
Dave Freebery photoDave Freebery
Domenic Maiorano
M. Gregory May, Jr.
Matt Barone
Epi Delapaz
Jason Gleber
Nathan Badillo
Christopher Cafarella Jr
Thomas Renneisen
Jason Clarke photoJason Clarke

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The first 115 participants will receive a Jug Club permanent solo cup at the 12/28 Alumni Association Happy Hour at Ulysses Gastropub.