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70% of $4,000 goal
This campaign ended on June 30, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Salem Academy by clicking here!
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MaryCraig Tennille photoMary Craig Tennille matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $250Just for Class of 1997

In honor of Academy Class of 2007 tenth reunion year, the class is raising funds for a special project at Salem Academy: renovations to the dormitories. 

We are almost there. Would you help?

We commit to raise $750 more in donations and pledges by June 30th in order to have a dorm room’s furniture named in our honor.  

We also commit to raise $350 towards the Annual Fund by June 30th!

With previous gifts and pledges and those yet to be received, we will achieve our goal of $4,000 ($1,000 for Annual Fund and $3,000 for dorm furnishings).

Whether you were a day student or boarder, we know that you have memories of dorm life. You may have spent time in the senior lounge snacking on lots of food (care of the Burgess Family), watched TV while procrastinating on homework, or you may have just visited with friends. You may have lived in CS or EB and remember the loud radiators clanking in the winter, the long treks to and from the hall bathrooms in towels, and precariously lofting beds on dressers to get the most space out of the small rooms. You may have lived in Hodges and remember the short walk to the laundry machines, when your suitemate forgot to unlock the bathroom door, and having to be extra quiet sneaking around Ms. T’s room. We bet that you have memories of hanging with friends in the dorm rooms, lights out when you still needed to finish that paper due the next day, studying that sometimes turned into procrastinating with friends, and midnight birthday dance parties, just to name a few special moments!

While we were at the Academy, we saw the “hump rooms” of second and third floor Mary Patterson transform into the lovely McMichael rooms in 2005. Many of us benefited directly by living in these rooms during our junior and senior years. Those of us who lived in CS, EB or Hodges know first-hand how much they need to be renovated. We can be a part of leaving both a lasting and highly necessary change at the Academy.

Consider donating a gift today, whether it is one gift, a monthly payment (only a little every month that adds up!), and/or a pledge to continue to give over the next five years. If every classmate gave $100 (less than $10 a month for a year), we would reach our goal in no time!

Fun facts you may have missed:

1.      The renovations to CS, EB, and Hodges will serve up to 80 of the approximate 100 boarding students. That is quite the impact!

2.      No significant renovations have been made to Hodges since it was erected in 1971.

3.      Although CS and EB were built in 1930, they have only had minor plumbing and cosmetic work completed over the years.

4.      These girls need air conditioning in their rooms. Really! It is the 21st century! They should have centralized AC and heat.

5.      The Academy needs renovated dormitories to remain competitive with its peer schools, like St. Mary’s in Raleigh.

6.      The estimated cost of the project is $12 million.

This is the time for the Class of 2007 to come together in celebration of our 10th reunion year. Thank you for doing your part!

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