Send the SMC Choir to Belgium!

This campaign ended on January 01, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Saint Mary's College of California by clicking here!

Who we are: The Glee Club and Chamber Singers. We honor and gain multi-layers of musical skills and cultural understanding by exploring all styles of music. Most of us are non-music majors who enjoy serving as unofficial ambassadors for the college by participating in regional choral festivals and events. We also compete internationally. 

Our musical diversity (and reputation to move audiences with both transcendent classical moments and head-bobbing grooves) attracts many invitations to perform at campus events with distinguished guests, local charitable causes, high profile sports games, and formal sacred gatherings. To encourage the joy of music-making, we provide outreach to high schools in Northern California and beyond throughout the year, by offering to host campus visits and to share performances in concerts. 

Why are We Fundraising? We have grown tremendously by courageously bringing our very best work before an international panel at competitions world wide (World Choir Games in Cincinnati, 2012; Latvia, 2014; and South Africa, 2018; and Laurea Mundi Competition in Hungary, 2016). In each instance, the students were exuberant about achieving their very best work and earning awards and honors (e.g. three Silver,  two Gold Medals, Best in Pop, Grand Prix Award).

Our achievements have qualified for the WCG Champions Competition in Belgium this coming summer! We will present classical and pop sets before a large audience and a seven-member panel of international judges.  The event is very collegial, focusing on choral excellence and intercultural exchange.  WCG begins with a Parade of Nations, and as representatives of the United States, we are adjacent to choirs from Uganda, Ukraine, and Venezuela. Despite language barriers, the singers spontaneously find songs they know in common, improvise harmony, and dance all along the route: the goodwill and sense of humanity and connection is deeply moving. While we offer great thanks for the tremendous generosity already provided and are honored to represent our college, town, state, and country, we need additional contributions (any amount is appreciated) to ensure that ALL choir members can travel regardless of their financial situation.



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