12th Annual Pat Vincent Fundraiser

This campaign ends on June 30 at 03:00PM EDT

Hello Gael Nation,

As of March 12, 2021, we have raised over $85,000 for our Men’s Rugby Program. We wish to build off of this tremendous momentum as we transition to the 12th Annual Pat Vincent Fundraiser Virtual Event!

The Pat Vincent Virtual Fundraising Committee is meeting weekly designing a very exciting evening for all. Several former Gaels are recording messages that will be played throughout the event. You will also hear from the coaches and current players. 75% of the proceeds will go toward our Tuition Assistance Fund. The other 25% will go toward the Pat Vincent Endowment. 

Registration is required to attend via Zoom, but need not worry, it’s free! Do not forget to register here

We are greatly appreciative of your continued support and are excited to see you for the 12th Annual Pat Vincent Fundraiser. 


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Matt Heafey ’88, Committee Chair



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59% Alumni

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2% Students

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8% Parents

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7% Friends

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Donor list

Robert Shults & Elizabeth Shults
Jim and Anne Togneri
Kevin O’Connor
Jeffrey Porter
Dr. And Mrs. John R. Holland
Anthony Suzio & Suzio Family
Brenda & Jim Sell
Colby Stevens & Chanel Farago
Craig Allan & Sandra Allan
Geordie Hawkins & Kathryn
W. Craig Sturrock
Gregory Schubert
Joseph Lawton
William La Herran
Ted Bystrowski & Laura Bystrowski
Thomas Wright & Colleen Sullivan
Gary Murphy
Sue Hansen & Al Heeg
Diana Storti
Michael Farrah
Mike & Lisa
John Crain
Peter Caraher
Dan J Ferem
Dick Svec & Bobbie Svec
Joe R Midtlyng
Tom Bruce
Robert P Carlson
Damien Fatongia & Tonja Fatongia
Jose Varela
Bill Wright
Tom P Calloway
Bob Lenz & Cathy
Bob Schnetz & Teddy Schnetz
Anne Agnew Rodriguez
The Negrete Family
Alison Incaudo & Johann Peterson
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Just for Classes between 1970 & 1979

Class of ‘72 Alumnus is matching $1 per $1 donated up to $25,000 in the next 51 days. Only the next $8,650 will be matched!

Just for Classes between 1980 & 1989

Richard J. Reviglio is matching $1 per $1 donated up to $25,000 in the next 51 days. Only the next $1,025 will be matched!
The Tomkovicz Family matched $20,000
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