Students4Students 2021

45% of $80,000 goal
This campaign ends on December 11 at 02:59AM EST

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The spirit of the Students 4 Students annual campaign lives in each and every student who commits to participating.  Through our student’s efforts, funds are raised annually to support our school ministry. As a private school our finances rest on tuition and the patronage of others. Additionally, our students build various age-appropriate career skills throughout the campaign, including customer service, communication, and sales elements, goal setting, budgeting, stewardship, teamwork, philanthropy, and community building.

Our goal is 100% participation from our students, our parents, and our staff. One hundred percent of us are affected by how school funds are distributed throughout the school. Let's work together to support our school for all!

It's Giving Tuesday!

Saint Joseph School would appreciate your giving to our school on this #GivingTuesday2021. The annual Students 4 Students campaign is the perfect opportunity to donate to an important cause that is close to your heart.
If you have not yet had the chance to visit our giving website, you are invited to join our school community for this effort. 

3 days ago by Lauren Neff

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