250 Donors in 25 Days

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This campaign ended on July 01, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Sage Hill School by clicking here!

Dear Alumni,

Today, we’re asking you to give back to something you love.

For 25 days (June 6-30), we are challenging all 1,400 alumni to think about what you love about Sage Hill School -- your exceptional education, a teacher that has made a lasting impact on who you are today, or maybe a club that helped you find your true passion in life.

We loved our time at Sage Hill. So we made our donations to Sage Hill’s Annual Fund because it supports everything that makes our school so special, including stellar academics, state-of-the-art technology in the classrooms, faculty professional development and financial aid for 12% of the student body. In fact, tuition doesn’t cover the full cost of a Sage Hill education. In essence, every student receives some financial aid.

Our goal is to transform 250 alumni into “alumni donors” by joining us in supporting Sage Hill. Participation is what matters. A donation of $25 -- the cost of a night out at the movies -- or any amount ($5, $10, etc.) sends a message that you value your Sage Hill experience.

It’s easy to give back to something you love. We hope you will join us in making a gift to the Sage Hill Annual Fund. Please help us reach our goal of 250 donors in 25 days.

Thank you! Go Lightning!

Christina Mainero ‘06 and David Fayngor ‘10
Alumni Council Annual Fund Co-Chairs


We have 87 donors!


That’s amazing. No, you are amazing. Thank you for your donation. We could not be more grateful.


Now, think back on your days in the H Building. Let’s do some math:


Q1: How do we finish strong and reach our goal of 250 donors? We have 87 Donors.

A1: (250 – 87 = 163)

We need a total of 163 donors to reach our goal.


Q2: If all 87 donors helped us generate new donors, how many new donors would each of you need to generate? Round to the nearest whole number.

A2: 163/87 = 1.87. Round up to 2


If you shared the campaign with all of your Sage Hill friends, and each of you generated two new donors, we would reach our goal!


So please, share this important campaign with your friends via email, social media, text, messenger, etc.


You’ve got this. After all, you’re a Sage Hill alumnus!


Thank you, and GO LIGHTNING!


- Sage Hill Alumni Office



2548 days ago by Evelyn Sage-Hill

2553 days ago by Evelyn Sage-Hill

2553 days ago by Evelyn Sage-Hill

2553 days ago by Evelyn Sage-Hill

2553 days ago by Evelyn Sage-Hill

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2553 days ago by Evelyn Sage-Hill
Indeed, it is a happy Friday, thanks to a donation from Whitney Gaglio Keats '05!

2561 days ago by Evelyn Sage-Hill
Let's give it up for Rachel Heyler '06! Thank you! 💚

2562 days ago by Evelyn Sage-Hill
The skies may be gray, but things are looking bright at Sage Hill thanks to the donation from Sam Murray '10!

2562 days ago by Evelyn Sage-Hill
Your gift makes our school exceptional, Sally Mace '10!

2563 days ago by Evelyn Sage-Hill
Thank you for your gift, David Fayngor '10!

2563 days ago by Evelyn Sage-Hill

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