Reunion 2024

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This campaign ends on July 14 at 11:59PM EDT
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Fun Times, Fond Memories, Future Legacies!

Welcome to our reunion giving page

We are celebrating our legacy and paving the way for future generations!

Join the tradition of giving in honor of your class and fueling future legacies! Whether it's a grand gesture or a small token of appreciation, every contribution makes a significant impact in continuing this proud tradition at SUNY Potsdam.

Your generous gift will directly contribute to making a positive difference at SUNY Potsdam.

Let’s fuel the legacy of SUNY Potsdam together! 

Your support means the world to us! 🫶

Reunion updates will be posted here:

Potsdam Icon Campaigns
Vote Flower Toilet for Potsdam Icon 2024

Flower Toilet for Potsdam Icon
Cultivating Creativity and Dialogue in Potsdam!

  • As a Potsdam Icon, I spark conversations on art, activism, and expression.
  • From local discussions to international news, I put Potsdam on the map.
  • The “Potty Town” Documentary highlights my impact.

Select Flower Toilet for Potsdam Icon under Designation 

53 days ago by Kelly Crosbie
Vote Squirrel for Potsdam Icon

Squirrel for Potsdam Icon
Because nuttin beats making people smile & giving hoomans joy!

  • Irresistible Charm - I bring HOOMans together with my fun antics.
  • Nimble Navigation - I traverse campus with ease, spreading joy wherever I scamper.
  • Nutty Enthusiasm - My passion for nuts is matched only by my enthusiasm for making campus life unforgettable.

Select Squirrel for Potsdam Icon under Designation

53 days ago by Kelly Crosbie
Vote Max C Bear for Potsdam Icon

Max C Bear for Potsdam Icon

Beloved mascot & lover of all things Potsdam!

  • I am the Ultimate Cheerleader for the Potsdam Bears!
  • I’ve had many different looks over the years, but my unwavering love for Potsdam remains constant.
  • Campus events? Count me in! I'm booked and ready to spread Potsdam spirit!
  • Love for Potsdam? It's in my DNA!

Select Max C Bear for Potsdam Icon under Designation

53 days ago by Kelly Crosbie
Vote Gnome for Potsdam Icon

Gnome for Potsdam Icon
Guardian of luck, protection, nature & abundance!

  • I invite good luck and positive energy into our campus.
  • As your guardian I ensure the safety of our campus
  • I celebrate nature's riches and promote environmental awareness on campus.

Select Gnome for Potsdam Icon under Designation

53 days ago by Kelly Crosbie
Vote Minerva for Potsdam Icon

Minerva for Potsdam Icon
A timeless beacon of wisdom for every generation!

  • I've stood as a beacon of wisdom for centuries.
  • Every member knows my legacy.
  • With two replicas on campus, my spirit resonates in multiple places, fostering a deeper connection across our community.
  • I symbolize wisdom, science, and the arts. I inspire our community’s curiosity, creativity, and a passion for knowledge.

Select Minerva for Potsdam Icon under Designation

53 days ago by Kelly Crosbie

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Potsdam Icons 2024
Votes for Potsdam Icon 2024DonorsRaised ($)
Flower Toilet for Potsdam Icon1$25
Minerva for Potsdam Icon2$40
Squirrel for Potsdam Icon0$0
Gnome for Potsdam Icon2$30
Max C Bear for Potsdam Icon3$30
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Parent icon4%Parents
Suitcase icon2%Faculty/Staff
Friends icon2%Friends
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