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An Anonymous Donor & Jennifer Stokes gave $100 because $100 was given by donorsJust for Men's Volleyball

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Bears Roaring On 2023-2024

With your help, the Potsdam Bears are back to top-tier competitions, our students are enjoying access to expanded fitness and recreation programs and we have Max C. Bear with a new look cheering us on. 

From October 9 through October 17, 2023, your favorite Potsdam Bears teams will compete to raise the most financial support and donors during Bears Roaring On, our annual campaign for Potsdam Bears Athletics.  

To help our teams and programs build on their success, the Bears Roaring On initiative has set a goal of scoring support from 500 donors.  

Don't miss this shot to support your favorite Bears!

With your help, Bears Roaring On will continue to: 

  • Improve athletics facilities and training equipment available for all students
  • Provide competitive advantages for varsity teams like high-quality meals, equipment, and data analytics software
  • Leverage resources to recruit and retain talented student-athletes


  • Make a gift to your favorite team(s) or preferred area of SUNY Potsdam athletics
  • Flex your support and encourage others to participate on social media. Follow the Bears Roaring on Instagram @PotsdamBears 
  • Stir up the competition:  
    • Create a matching gift that multiplies your impact through the β€˜Matches’ tab. 
    • Start a giving challenge through the β€˜Challenges’ tab. Encourage others to rise to your challenge by giving.

Go Bears!

Common Questions
It’s the β˜€οΈ Golden Hour β˜€οΈ for The Bears Roaring On Campaign

The Golden Hour is your last chance to make a difference for Bears Athletics.  It is the last day for the Bears Roaring On Campaign.

Check out the softball πŸ₯Ž team soaking in the warmth of the sun and savoring their love of the game during a Golden Hour on their softball field in Potsdam.

Take your shot πŸ“Έ make a gift today! 

135 days ago by Kelly Crosbie
Thanks to your generous support - The Women's Basketball Team are the Goal Crushers Today!!

The team has BOTH the most donors engaged at 48 and $5,100 raised.  Will they be the buzzer-beaters??  Check back tomorrow during out last day of the Bears Roaring On campaign.

Women's Basketball Team

136 days ago by Kelly Crosbie
Potsdam Men's LacrosseπŸ₯BTS (Behind The Scenes)

Your Donation, Their Dreams

When you watch these candid moments of the Potsdam Bears lacrosse players, remember that your support can turn dreams into reality. 

Your donations equip aspiring players with the gear they need, provide access to high value tournaments, and create pathways to success. It can break down barriers and empower individuals to become champions, not just in the sport, but in life.

 The Power of Your Contribution

 πŸ» $25: Helps all players receive branded gear.

🚐 $100: Supports a team's travel expenses for an important tournament.

πŸŽ’$250: Helps sponsor a connection with youth programs

Thank you for supporting Potsdam Bears during the Bears Roaring On campaign.  

If you are willing to share the campaign with fellow Potsdam Bears Supporters it would be an epic ATW 🌎 play!

138 days ago by Kelly Crosbie
Being a Potsdam Athlete, Why Supporting Bears Roaring On Matters

Tap ▢️ and watch Track & Field athletes discussing how being a Potsdam Athlete helped with the transition to college and more. 

Let go Bears!

Bears Roaring On 🌟

139 days ago by Kelly Crosbie
TBT Story: Unfamiliar Territory turned into Lifelong Enjoyment

Throwback Thursday Story (TBT)

Supporting athletics supports lifelong journeys.

In my junior year of college, an unexpected opportunity came my way that would end up shaping my life in ways I couldn't have imagined. Our lacrosse team was facing a shortage of players, and they were in desperate need of a few extra recruits to round out the practice squad. It was my fraternity brother, a dedicated member of the lacrosse team, who extended the offer to my fellow fraternity brother and me. I had a background in high school sports and was part of the college rugby team at the time, but I had never played lacrosse. The challenge, however, sounded intriguing, and I agreed to help out, thinking it would also keep me in shape for the upcoming rugby season.

With zero experience in the sport and no gear to call my own, I was graciously welcomed into the lacrosse fold. My teammates pulled together what I needed, and it was my teammate, a stellar defender, who passed me a long pole and declared that I would be playing defense. As a former baseball player accustomed to catching balls close to my body, this was no small transition.

I may not have been a star player, but what I found on that lacrosse field was a sense of camaraderie and belonging.  Those I knew from before offered words of encouragement, and even those I hadn't crossed paths with went out of their way to make me feel at home. The lacrosse team became an extended family.

Once the spring lacrosse schedule kicked into gear, I was no longer needed, and I returned to my beloved rugby. Little did I know that my brief foray into the world of lacrosse would leave a lasting mark. The lacrosse community is remarkably close-knit, and somehow, it got into my blood. Both of my daughters grew up playing a high level of lacrosse, and my youngest is now a defensive anchor for her university team.

Then, a remarkable twist of fate occurred. Three decades after my short stint as a college lacrosse player, a couple of fellow fathers convinced me to participate in a tournament in Lake Placid. What started as a casual invitation turned into a lifelong passion. Seven years later, I find myself hooked on the sport, still playing with the fervor of a rookie. Although I initially wielded a long pole as a defender, I now stand as a midfielder, armed with a short stick. The bond I formed during those initial days on the lacrosse field, the encouragement and support of my teammates, and the love I developed for the sport have transcended time. Lacrosse has not only brought lifelong enjoyment but also fostered a family-like connection with my daughters and fellow enthusiasts who share a passion for the game. The lacrosse field may have been unfamiliar territory when I first stepped onto it, but it has since become a cherished home, where sports created a family and a lifelong enjoyment that continues to evolve.

Mike Knapp, SUNY Potsdam alumnus from the Class of 1987

Thanks for supporting Bears Roaring On 🌟

141 days ago by Kelly Crosbie
Unlocking Potential: The Significance of Athletic Support

Click ▢️ to witness how donor engagement is impacting Potsdam Athletics. Your donations are the heart and hustle that inspire our men's basketball team. πŸ€


Let's go Bears!

141 days ago by Kelly Crosbie
Discover the magic behind Track & Field, where every runner finds a family. πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

Push play ▢️, witness the camaraderie and support being a Potsdam Bear 🐻 can bring as we showcase how our track and field team creates an inclusive and welcoming environment for all athletes. 

By donating today, you're not just supporting a team, you're championing a culture of belonging. Stand with us, and let's keep the race going strong together. 🌟


Follow SUNY Potsdam Athletics on Instagram for more inspo:

142 days ago by Kelly Crosbie
Women's Hockey πŸ’ Video for Bears Roaring On (with an Icy Dose of Humor)

Now, it's our turn to show them our heartwarming support. Let's rally behind these remarkable athletes as they pursue their journey to greatness! 

Let's Go Bears Roaring On!!

143 days ago by Kelly Crosbie
Slam Dunk for Potsdam Athletics

Men's Basketball πŸ€ received a donation in honor of Tim Bristol (1985-86 Men's Basketball). Your generosity towards future Bears is greatly appreciated. 


146 days ago by Kelly Crosbie
3 Points πŸ€ For the Fund for Athletics

You shot you scored!

Thank you for supporting the Bears Roaring On Campaign in honor of MeSean Johnson!

Mesean Johnson

147 days ago by Kelly Crosbie
A Message from Men's Hockey about Bears Roaring On

147 days ago by Kelly Crosbie
Score πŸ’ 1st Donation for Men's Hockey - Let's Go Bears🐻!

Four more days until we launch #BearsRoaringOn!

Keep cheering for our Annual Athletics Giving day with an early gift now and share with your favorite Potsdam Bears supporters!

Give NOW

Let's Go Bears / #BearsRoaringOn!

Campaign Dates: October 9th-16th 2023

147 days ago by Kelly Crosbie

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Women's Basketball68$6,400251.9%
Men's Soccer47$4,675174.1%
Fund for Athletics11$1,08540.7%
Men's Volleyball4$12514.8%
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Women's Volleyball10$47537.0%
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Women's Lacrosse40$1,780148.1%
Women's Hockey10$1,29537.0%
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Women's Softball43$6,100159.3%
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