Scarlet Seniors

This campaign ends on May 17 at 11:59PM EDT

Hey Seniors!

We are more than halfway to our goal for the year! Keep up the heat Class of 2019!

Thank you to those that made their gifts to support the areas they care for the most - your gift is going a long way. Those of you that haven't made a gift just yet, what are you waiting for?! Join your peers in an effort that is bigger than all of us.

We know there are so many places you can make your gift! Let's give you a hand and share the most popular place seniors are supporting this year.

The RU Student Food Pantry is in the ranks! Fill a plate and feed a mind. Unfortunately, food insecurity is common on college campuses. Show your support by making a contribution to help keep the food pantry stocked for students in need. Any gift you make goes a long way to supporting students so they don't have to face food insecurity.

Once you make your gift you are invited to enjoy an exclusive Senior Donor Reception where you can mingle with other students from our class and the invited alumni. 

If you made a gift of at least $25.00 or got involved with a $5.00 monthly gift you gain philanthropic recognition with an honor cord to wear during graduation.

Let's reach 1,000 donors Class of 2019!
Joquoya K. Murphy



Designation Leaderboard

Student Food Security Fund (RU Food Pantry) 61$1,387
Student Organization - Specific Org Name (Write-in Option) 42$821
EOF - School of Arts and Sciences 35$1,000
Douglass Residential College Scholarship Fund 28$2,129
Area of Greatest Need (New Brunswick Chancellor's Fund) 28$553
Rutgers Business School–New Brunswick Undergraduate Program 27$563
Cancer Institute of NJ Research Support Fund 24$514
Honors College-New Brunswick Scholarship Fund 21$470
Other 18$468
School of Arts and Sciences Dean's Fund 17$393
School of Communication & Information Dean's Fund 15$330
Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy Academic Excellence Fund 14$585
School of Engineering Academic Excellence Fund 14$290
LGBTQA Emergency Fund 13$310
Rutgers University General Scholarship Fund 13$280
Student Emergency Assistance Fund 13$248
School of Management and Labor Relations Academic Excellence Fund 12$288
EOF - School of Environmental and Biological Sciences 11$553
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Academic Excellence Fund 11$209
Student Health and Wellness 9$176
Mason Gross School of the Arts Academic Excellence Fund 9$173
EOF - School of Engineering 9$163
Zimmerli Art Museum 9$129
School of Nursing Academic Excellence 7$1,650
Rutgers Student Veterans Fund 7$150
Honors Program (SAS) - School of Arts and Sciences 5$110
Athletics- Rutgers Leadership Academy Fund 5$98
ODASIS Scholarship Fund 4$100
Rutgers Future Scholars Fund (College Access) 4$75
School of Social Work Academic Excellence Fund 3$75
EOF - School of Nursing 3$75
Library Academic Excellence Fund 3$63
Greek Life Fund (Interfraternity Council) 2$50
School of Health Professions Academic Excellence Fund 2$50
Student Leadership and Engagement Fund 2$38
Career Service Internship Opportunity Fund 1$25
Honors Program (SEBS) - School of Environmental and Biological Sciences 1$25

Donor affiliations

98% Students

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Donor list

Kaylin Virone
Amy Sung
Julie A Brownstone
Asraar Naseer
Mecca Ali
Tavel Findlater
Casie Salvadore
Sofia Ordonez
Sumbel, A, Yaqoob
J. Thomas
Ylana Lopez
Disha Soni
Shah, Urja
Madison W Weber
William Cheng
Camille, Figuereo
Sean Halpin
Brianna, M, Maida
Dewa Nathania
Victoria Echevarria
Awes Choudary
Patricia Koziol
Simran Fernandes
Chris Lind
Heidi Torregroza
Bianca M Velazquez
Shivam patel
Pooja Patel
Sayantika Sarkar
Sarah Turo
Christopher West
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Only 19 left!

The first 20 advocates to get one (1) Rutgers Class of 2019 undergrad senior donor will receive an R car magnet. Group advocates count as one advocate and will be able to raffle up 10 R car magnets.


Only 15 left!

The first 15 advocates to get five (5) Rutgers Class of 2019 undergrad senior donors will receive a Thomas Sweet's chocolate R. Group advocates count as one advocate and can raffle up to 3 chocolate R's.


Only 10 left!

The first 10 advocates to get ten (10) Rutgers Class of 2019 undergrad senior donors will have their choice of a RU coffee mug, water bottle, or journal. Group advocates are counted as one advocate and can raffle up to 3 items.


Only 5 left!

The first 5 advocates to get fifteen (15) Rutgers Class of 2019 undergrad senior donors will receive a fun, Rutgers Prize Pack. Group advocates are counted as one advocate.


Only 3 left!

The first 3 advocates to get twenty (20) Rutgers Class of 2018 undergrad senior donors will receive a RU beach towel and a free ticket to the Young Alumni Beach Party at Bar A next summer. Group advocates are counted as one advocate.


Only 1 left!

Any advocate who gets twenty-five (25) Rutgers Class of 2019 undergrad senior donors will be put into a drawing to get reimbursed for their regalia purchase via a Barnes & Noble gift card. Group advocates are counted as one. advocate.