Newark Scarlet Seniors 2019

This campaign ended on May 22, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Rutgers University by clicking here!

Our senior class is the most philanthropic graduating class at Rutgers! Each gift, despite the amount or designation, makes a huge impact on student programming, initiatives, and the overall Rutgers experience!

For those that were not able to get involved this year, it is never too late to show your scarlet. You can visit to make a gift to the areas of the university that matter the most to you!

Scarlet Forever,
Joquoya Murphy

Designation Leaderboard

RUN Student Food Pantry in Newark 64$1,210
Rutgers Business School-Newark Academic Excellence 32$2,530
Newark College of Arts and Sciences Scholarship Fund 20$475
EOF - Educational Opportunity Fund in Newark 17$475
Newark College of Arts and Sciences Academic Excellence 17$465
Area of Greatest Need (Newark Chancellor's Fund) 13$1,804
Cancer Institute of NJ Research Support Fund 11$275
Student Organization in Newark (Write-In) 10$305
Rutgers Business School-Newark Finish Line Fund 7$175
Write-In (Other) at Rutgers-Newark 7$200
School of Public Affairs and Administration Academic Excellence 5$125
Student Emergency Fund-RU Newark 5$160
Student Veterans Program in Newark 4$100
School of Criminal Justice Academic Excellence 4$100
School of Criminal Justice Scholarship Fund 3$75
School of Public Affairs and Administration Scholarship Fund 3$75
Institute of Jazz Studies in Newark 2$50
Honors College-Newark Fund 2$50
Honors Living-Learning Community Scholarship Fund 2$50
Dana Library 2$25
Honors College-Newark Scholarship Fund 2$50
School of Nursing Academic Excellence 2$50
Striver's Scholarship Fund 2$85
LGBT Newark Emergency Fund 2$50
Rutgers Future Scholars (College Access) in Newark 1$25
School of Nursing Scholarship Fund 1$25
Honors Living-Learning Community Academic Excellence 1$25
Athletics in Newark 1$25
Clement A. Price Institute on Ethnicity, Culture, and the Modern Experience in Newark 0$0
Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights in Newark 0$0
Student Life and Leadership in Newark (Student Affairs) 0$0
University College-Newark Scholarship Fund 0$0
University College-Newark Academic Excellence 0$0

Donor affiliations

9% Alumni

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82% Students

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Donor list

Hajirazeb Khan
Katherine E. Wiegers
Hilary Celis
Guilherme Tiago
Germanie Germain
Justin P. Roslonek
Miskath Ahmed
Kiana Jones
Mahrukh Khan
Tenzin Chodon
Julissa Bravo
Rui, Amorim
Tierra Peart
Lemaya Rivers
Melany V Llugcha
Raquel Portilla
Huy nguyen
Michelle Hamer
Bianca Roman
Naicy Beltre
Keiera Parker photoKeiera Parker
Ashelee Farmer
Chelsea Scott
Emilia Torres Martinez
Jazmin Andrews
Kamrul Hossain
Brittney Long
Safah Ibrahim
Safah Ibrahim
Valerie Joseph
Gissel Saavedra
Ivanuel, S , Ramos
Mohamed, G, Mohamed
Sarah B Oliveira
Yuliana E Lavayen
Chelsea M. Nichols
Jose Alfonseca
Helwa Aburas
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