Independence Day-Argonauts Unite

This campaign ended on October 23, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Rutgers Preparatory School by clicking here!
Celebrate with fellow Argonauts and support your Rutgers Prep.

Today’s the day.  24 hours and 375 donors supporting every aspect of the student experience and paying tribute to the parents and alumni who united to launch our independence more than six decades ago.

Join us as we celebrate the day we resolved our last ties with the university and began our journey as an independent Rutgers Prep.

Make your annual fund gift. Honor a special faculty or staff member. Challenge your friends. Share it on social media.



Donor affiliations

34% Alumni

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22% Faculty/Staff

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4% Friends

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Donor list

Glenn A. Prager
Amanda Lin
Hu Chiao
Nancy Glasenk
Tanja V Zullo
Sophie Brand
Ellen J Berman
Ann M Conley
Adewole and Omowunmi Osinubi
Josh Kutner
Mario Szegedy
Jiaqian Ye
Fumiko H. Bauer
Sean Lau
Yaoxiong Lou & Qin Yang
The Benjamin’s
William R. Bauer
Stephanie & Joe Chodl
Yaoxiong Lou & Qin Yang
guo zhou
James & Lynda Duffy
Michael J and Susan J Panacek
Maroun Bou Mansour
Dipti Parmar
Marjorie Rednor
Regina Burden
Ronni Silver
Evan Lombardo
Terry & Errol Cooper
Kathryn Gibbs & Mark Bean
Joy Zhao
Wayne Douglas McCoy
Tina & BJ Fesq
Jay Feingold
Logan R. Bean
Gia Liwski
Jiandi Zhao

Barbara Corbin matched $90
Genevieve Strycharz photoGenevieve Strycharz matched $250
Bill Utasi matched $300
MEW photoKevin and Amy Merges matched $150
Dev & Mythili Lahiri photoDev & Mythili Lahiri matched $500
Bijal and Nishita Desai matched $741
Peter Lampen and Barbara Lampen matched $200
Meg Kelly photoMeg Kelly matched $1,000
Bijal and Nishita Desai matched $1,000
Mark and Brenda Sherman matched $750
Manmeet and Harjeet Virdi matched $1,000
Loretta Shaw-Lorello matched $1,500
Loretta Shaw-Lorello matched $1,500
Mark Sherman matched $1,500
Steve Loy matched $1,750
Della Hammer Cherchia matched $1,766
Kathleen Toomey matched $2,000
Kate Sheft matched $2,000
Henry and Teresa Ramallo matched $2,500
Ernest A. Renda, Esq. matched $5,000
Matthew Pagano photoMatthew Pagano gave $240
Susan Gantz photoSusan Gantz gave $375

Help us reach our goal by being an advocate! Click on the Advocates tab to get started (you must SIGN UP for or LOGIN to an account to be eligible for incentives.) Generate one gift with your unique link and receive an RPS key chain.


Generate 5 gifts and receive a pair of Rutgers Prep socks.


Generate 10 gifts (of at least $10 per gift) and receive your choice of a Vineyard Vines tote bag, women's RPS fleece baseball-style jacket, or men's RPS Nike quarter-zip pullover.