Independence Day-Argonauts Unite

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This campaign ended on October 23, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Rutgers Preparatory School by clicking here!
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Celebrate with fellow Argonauts and support your Rutgers Prep.

Today’s the day.  24 hours and 375 donors supporting every aspect of the student experience and paying tribute to the parents and alumni who united to launch our independence more than six decades ago.

Join us as we celebrate the day we resolved our last ties with the university and began our journey as an independent Rutgers Prep.

Make your annual fund gift. Honor a special faculty or staff member. Challenge your friends. Share it on social media.

Independence Day Closing Credits

436 Donors. More than $100,000. Thank you!

1496 days ago by Michelle Walker
That's a wrap!

Thank you for taking a slice out of your day to make Rutgers Prep's Independence Day so special.

Your incredible generosity and Argonaut spirit enhance the RPS experience for every student, every day. The fun we had was just the icing on the cake!

1496 days ago by Terry Ladd
Stretch goal achieved. Gag reel unlocked. 🎥

We have reached our stretch goal of 415 donors, and we're releasing the gag reel from our Independence Day video series.

We hope you have had as much fun watching these as we did making them! Thank you again for supporting the Rutgers Prep student experience on Independence Day.

1496 days ago by Terry Ladd
We've hit 375 donors...but wait there's still more film to see 🎬

Unbelievable! 375 donors have answered the call to support our students and faculty - Thank you!

But...let's not hang up yet.

With 3 hours left in our Independence Day campaign, we know many of you have not had a chance to show your support yet and we'd like to give you an added incentive.

The five videos you saw today left a LOT of footage on the editing room floor. If another 40 new donors make a gift in support of the student experience, we will unlock a video montage of priceless bloopers from filming.

That's right, if we reach 415 donors, Steve and Philomena Loy, Carole Zboray, Stacy McMillen, Bob Marotto, Barbara Corbin and friends, Mark Nastus, Tim Cohen, and Larry Santowasso will show you their acting chops.

1496 days ago by Terry Ladd
Will you answer Dr. Loy's call? 📞

Dr. Loy has been making a lot of calls today. Now he's calling on you. To reach our goal of 375, he will match the next 50 donors at $35 per donor. Will you answer his call?

1496 days ago by Terry Ladd
We've hit 300 and unlocked the next video ⚾

Thank you for stepping up to the plate for our students! Watch as Dr. Loy catches up with Coach Nastus and Coach Santowasso. The Headmaster's Challenge will unlock at 325 gifts.

1496 days ago by Terry Ladd
Your generosity fuels their passions - thank you!

1496 days ago by Michelle Walker
Let’s celebrate 200 gifts with Mrs. Corbin’s first grade class!

Watch Dr. Loy call Mrs. Corbin's first grade class to let them know we just reached 200 gifts - if you haven't made your Independence Day gift already, you can help us unlock the next video at 300 donors!

1497 days ago by Christina Baddar
We’re pedal to the metal on our goal for Independence Day with 100 Gifts

Dr. Loy calls Mr. Marotto and Ms. McMillen to let them know we’ve reached 100 donors. The next video will be unlocked at 200 gifts!

1497 days ago by Terry Ladd
Rise and Shine! It's Independence Day!

Watch as Dr. Loy gets ready for the big day and checks in on Mrs. Zboray! The next video will be unlocked at 100 gifts.

1497 days ago by Terry Ladd
RPS swag for a group of special Independence Day donors

When the clock strikes midnight, our 4th annual Independence Day will officially kickoff.  We are offering some great giveaways throughout our 24-hour giving campaign to those making Rutgers Prep Fund gifts at just the right time.

Rise and Shine - first gift of the day

The 100th gift

The 200th gift

The 375th gift – our Independence Day Goal

Sandman Special- last gift of the Day

First current parent donor for each class

First alum donor for each class

1497 days ago by Terry Ladd
New Donor Match!

1502 days ago by Susan Gantz

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