Rollins Giving Day 2020

This campaign ends on February 21 at 06:00AM EST

Join us for Rollins Giving Day by making your gift, challenging your friends, & sharing on social!

When 700 members of the Rollins family make a gift on Feb. 20, a group of new Board of Trustee leaders will donate $50,000 to the Rollins Annual Fund. 

Special thanks to Trustees Susan Whealler Johnston ’75, Campbell Brown ’90, and Jeff Vahle ’94MBA for providing this challenge!

Additional Challenges: 

  • When 175 donors give to Crummer, John Race ’77 ’84MBA will donate $10,000 to the Crummer Fund.
  • When 100 donors give to the Hamilton Holt School, Kyle Riva '79MBA will donate $10,000 to the Holt Fund.
  • When 100 donors give to Athletics, Trustee Bobby Ourisman ’78 P’12 will donate $8,000 to the Athletics Fund. And the team with the most gifts will receive an extra $2,000.
  • When 50 donors give to the Cornell Fine Arts Museum, Jacqui Bradley and Clarence Otis will donate $10,000 to the Museum.

Check the leaderboard to see how many donors have supported the area you love most!

Together, we can show the world the difference a day makes. 

Become a Rollins Giving Day Ambassador:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Make your gift on Giving Day!  
  3. Encourage your Rollins network to participate on Giving Day. Use the digital toolkit:
  4. Share! Follow, like, and share posts from Rollins on social media. Be sure to tag @RollinsCollege
  5. Track your progress! Click “sign up” in the top right of this page. From there, you can share a unique campaign link (located under the campaign video and on the Advocates tab). Track the number of gifts, and dollars generated by your outreach. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Development at (407) 646-2221 or

Disclaimer: All incentive dollars (matches, boosts, challenges) will go to the designation(s) chosen by the donor or donors who created the incentive. 



US Heat Map

Donor affiliations

25% Alumni

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11% Students

Show Students

19% Parents

Show Parents

10% Faculty/Staff

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32% Friends

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Donor list

Grace, Lisboa de Azevedo
Joe Shorin
Nicholson Family
Jane K Kellersman
James Baril
Matt Baril Jr.
Catherine Rossi
Karen Landor
Antoinette Landor
Bonnie Rossi
Mary Baril
Cosmo Cowan
Cheryl Gruner
George Cowan
Lynn Scudieri
Roseann Levy
Ethan J Levy
Robert Scudieri
Cameron Reeves
Ronald G Parkhurst
Ryan Dunn
Melvin Bryant
Melaina Bryant
Elliott Cooper
Jacob Jones
Kyle Sudol
Fred Mulbrecht
Rene Crawford
Judith A. Deal
Dante Davis
Dan Haddow
Charlene W Talucci
Carlee Jones
Jordan Miller
Norm Kars
Lisa Borosky
Lana Gerard
Tristin peace
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Area of Greatest Need Leaderboard

I want to supportDonorsDollars
The Rollins Annual Fund: Financial Aid 13$665
The Rollins Annual Fund: Area of Greatest Need43$7,413

Athletics Leaderboard

I want to supportDonorsDollars
Volleyball 3$120
Women's Tennis1$50
Men's Tennis2$150
Women's Soccer59$2,425
Men's Soccer2$600
Women's Lacrosse1$50
Men's Lacrosse187$6,119
Women's Golf1$50
Men's Golf0$0
Women's Basketball 5$90
Men's Basketball0$0
Cross Country0$0
Athletics: Area of Greatest Need5$640

The Hamilton Holt School Leaderboard

I want to supportDonorsDollars
The Holt Scholarship Fund6$605
The Holt Fund: Area of Greatest Need32$2,970

The Crummer Graduate School of Business Leaderboard

I want to supportDonorsDollars
The Crummer Scholarship Fund10$560
The Crummer Annual Fund: Area of Greatest Need57$12,410

The Rollins Parents Fund Leaderboard

I want to supportDonorsDollars
The Rollins Annual Fund: Parents Fund3$255

Cornell Fine Arts Museum Leaderboard

I want to supportDonorsDollars
Cornell Fine Arts Museum: Area of Greatest Need33$2,065

The Annie Russell Theatre Leaderboard

I want to supportDonorsDollars
The Black Box Theatre and Dance Complex 1$20
The Annie Russell Theatre3$250
No Active Matches
No Active Challenges