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Today, more than 125 universities and colleges in the U.S. have eSports programs and with its booming popularity, this rapid expansion is only expected to continue.

eSports is a team-based, competitive video gaming program that will allow students to explore and build on the skills of the liberal arts traditions, in which we’re rooted. Skills in critical thinking, strategy, teamwork, and communication, all of which are required in competitive eSports, will help propel these student-athletes into the modern world by providing them with the necessary skills to keep up with the demand of our changing society.

Our current academic curriculum provided through our digital arts, computer science, and marketing programs, helps them to connect the knowledge from the classroom and the skills gained in the game to potential real-life experiences.

The idea of competitive video gaming is not new to the Rockford area. Several local high schools have begun to integrate this into their athletics offerings. We would be the only higher ed institution in the area to have a program like this, which will attract the interest of many local students because it will give them the opportunity to continue their education while pursuing an interest that they’re passionate about, here in the city they call home.

By supporting the eSports program at Rockford University you’re supporting enrollment, you’re supporting our mission to prepare minds for a modern and changing society, and you’re supporting the Rockford community.

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