2017 Greek Week Alumni Challenge
This campaign ends on April 7 at 12:00PM EDT

The Greek Week Alumni Challenge is a great way for the alumni of RMU's fraternities and sororities to help their organization win Greek Week. 

Greek Week Leaderboard
Delta Zeta 19$420317 donors6.0%
Kappa Delta Rho 7$1,085171 donors4.1%
Alpha Chi Rho 4$55251 donors1.6%
Alpha Phi Delta 3$12018 donors16.7%
Phi Beta Sigma 3$5726 donors11.5%
Delta Phi Epsilon 2$45126 donors1.6%
Phi Delta Theta 2$35114 donors1.8%
Zeta Tau Alpha 2$30275 donors0.7%
Phi Mu Delta 1$5010 donors10.0%
Theta Phi Alpha 0$064 donors0.0%
Tau Kappa Epsilon 0$0200 donors0.0%
Pi Kappa Alpha 0$0250 donors0.0%
Phi Mu 0$0250 donors0.0%
Phi Kappa Psi 0$0250 donors0.0%
Delta Sigma Phi 0$0166 donors0.0%
Sigma Kappa 0$016 donors0.0%
Kappa Alpha Psi 0$01 donors0.0%
Alpha Kappa Alpha 0$02 donors0.0%
Sigma Tau Gamma 0$0105 donors0.0%
Phi Sigma Kappa 0$0200 donors0.0%
Delta Tau Delta 0$0225 donors0.0%

Donor affiliations

98% alumni

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3% parents

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3% faculty/staff

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Donor list
Michele R Schaffner
Emily Brosko
Gina V. Alberti
Amy L Etzel
Sabrina Renner
Ashley Kronz
Scott A Antoline
Rebecca M Solarczyk
althea l obrien
Ali ReynoldsPicture?height=150&width=150
Maria Satira
Bethany Kelly
Michelle L. Cook
Steve Biser
Jake BaynePicture?height=150&width=150
Brett GosnellPicture?height=150&width=150
Xavier PerezPicture?height=150&width=150
Kayla M Robertson
Gianna Pro
Kristen Yuretich
Christine Symanski
Colleen Waybret
Anthony Cook
Amy cooney
Jessica M. Kelly
Joyce E Tedrick
Aaron Cook
Ashley BednarPicture?height=150&width=150
Ken Brown
Ethan Weir
Aaron R Schmidt
Mark Niskach
Meghan Niskach
Brandi Bove
Robert M. Byers
Adam EtzelPicture?height=150&width=150
Anthony Thornton
Lea K Chrisman
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