Senior Class Gift 2021

67% of 116 Donor goal
This campaign ended on May 21, 2021, but you can still make a gift to Ripon College by clicking here!

The Class of 2021, like all classes before us and those to come after, has been supported by the generosity of donors -- alumni, parents, friends, even faculty and staff and fellow students open their wallets to enhance our education. 

They've donated to things that we've all benefited from like scholarships, student life, faculty/instruction and our beautiful campus spaces -- where dollars meet the most pressing, current needs of Ripon college and students like us. 

Now it's our turn. Let's join together to reach (hopefully surpass!) 70% class participation -- 116 donors -- before we graduate. Let's leave Ripon College better than we found it.

Amazing! There are lots of ways for you to further support this campaign and Ripon College students.

  • Make a gift of $20.21 and receive a custom Ripon College Class of 2021 pint glass
  • Make a gift of $50 and receive your pint glass along with recognition as an 1851 Club member 
  • Help spread the word about this campaign: 
    Step 1: Text this page out to your friends in the Class of 2021 who have yet to give.
    Step 2: Use Facebook, Twitter, Text, and Email buttons to help spread the word.
SCG update with photos

You guys are on a roll! The Class of 2021 added 11 brand new donors and many who increased their giving last week during our pint glass giveaway. 

It's not too late to give and/or pick up your glass: Please email Kelly at to schedule your pick-up time from Smith Hall. 

PLEASE CONTINUE SPEADING THE WORD! Ripon's alumni and friends have given so much to help make this year possible for all of us. Let's hit that donor goal to show our gratitude for their kindness. 

557 days ago by Kelly Nielsen - Ripon
Pick up in the Commons from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Thursday 11/12!

562 days ago by Kelly Nielsen - Ripon
Brooke Bauer - Lucky #50

Thanks to Brooke and the other 49 of you who have not only given back to Ripon but have cleared out our pizza coupons. :) 

The campaign remains open, but the pizza giveaway is over. 

See you in November when we hand out those custom Class of 2021 pint glasses!

589 days ago by Kelly Nielsen - Ripon
One more Roadhouse pizza left!

You guys are incredible! 

I've got one more pizza to give away - let's not waste it! 

Who will be our 50th donor??? 

589 days ago by Kelly Nielsen - Ripon
50 by midnight?

Only 15 more donors needed to hit 50 donors by midnight!

Can you help us get there? 

And donors, don't forget to check your mailboxes tomorrow afternoon for the Roadhouse pizza coupon! 

Way to show up today, Class of 2021! The Ripon College family is lucky to have you! 

590 days ago by Kelly Nielsen - Ripon
Pizza tastes better with friends!

It's only 9:00 am and the Senior Class Gift campaign is already at 12% of goal! THANK YOU TO OUR EARLY DONORS!

Let's keep the momentum going - please share the giving page and remind your Senior pals that the pizza incentive is over at midnight tonight. 

Best ways to help:

1. Use the Text button on the giving page to share directly with your friends

2. Follow along with the Senior Class Gift Committee today on Instagram Stories + reshare their Takeover posts! 

590 days ago by Kelly Nielsen - Ripon
Introducing your Class of 2021 Senior Class Gift committee!

This is the crew who will deliver the pizza coupons on Thursday! Please spread the word and share this page with your friends in the Class of 2021! Thank you for giving back. 

Anya Korovets, Cameron Klein, Kaitlin Hutchinson, Austin Anderson 

591 days ago by Kelly Nielsen - Ripon

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