PDS Day of Giving 2020

This campaign ended on May 10, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Princeton Day School by clicking here!

Please Note:
Although our Day of Giving is Friday, May 8th, to make the campaign more accessible for many of us who are having trouble telling our days apart, this campaign will remain open through 11:59 Sunday, May 10th.

May 8, 2020 is the fourth annual Day of Giving at PDS!

Princeton Day School is an extraordinary place.  Spending the last 7 weeks away from our home on the Great Road highlights the fact that the magic isn’t in our building’s walls or our beautiful campus, it is in our people.  We see it in the dedication of our teachers who continue to provide an enriching school experience, in our students, who show resilience and grit and continue to come together to maintain the PDS sense of community, and in our alumni, who are out in the world giving back to communities near and far.

Rising to meet challenges - this is the Princeton Day School we know and love. Today, we ask you to help sustain our wonderful school with a gift to the Annual Fund. Our mission to educate, inspire and shape growing minds remains unchanged, and your support helps ensure that our students continue to benefit from a PDS education that equips them to lead, contribute to their communities, and to make a difference in our world. If you are in a position to support the school this year, thank you. 

Thank you, in advance, for your commitment to Princeton Day School. 

Our Goal

Today your gift can go even farther and help us unlock a $50,000 gift from Curtis McGraw Webster '75. Our Day of Giving goal of 331 gifts represents one gift for every teacher, advisor, coach, and staff member - the individuals who remain at the heart of the Princeton Day School student experience.

How can you be part of the 2020 Day of Giving?

  • Make a gift and invite friends and classmates to do the same.
  • Reach out to your own PDS network by phone, text or email and encourage them to join you in supporting PDS today! Become a Giving Day Advocate! Share the campaign via email, text and social media.  When you create a GiveCampus account, you will know how many clicks, gifts and dollars your sharing is generating.
  • Share your love of PDS and why you support our school on social media with the hashtag #pdsgivingday. Tell us what you love about PDS, share why you give to PDS or make your profile pick a favorite PDS memory for the day. Follow the fun by commenting, tagging friends and sharing posts by PDS on social media all day.
  • Send a “Panthergram” message to a member of the PDS community for us to share on the Day of Giving. (If you have a google account, click here for the form, otherwise click here for the form)
  • Participate in a new school tradition, “Blue and White Fridays.” Wear Blue and White and show your Panther Pride. Snap a photo and post it to social media with the hashtag #pdsgivingday.

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US Donor Map

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Current Parents
1971 15$11,560
2011 12$1,690
1988 12$5,454
1999 9$4,678
2018 9$125
2019 9$80
2003 8$675
2017 8$40
2014 7$810
2012 7$445
2016 7$90
2005 6$535
1980 5$330
1990 5$4,500
1978 5$836
1975 5$50,700
1982 5$5,431
2010 5$125
1992 5$1,000
1993 5$3,050
1996 5$675
2006 5$295
1976 4$245
2008 4$170
1985 4$260
1974 4$2,575
2021 4$1,268
2015 3$15
1970 3$10,300
1995 3$225
1998 3$10,200
1979 3$205
1994 3$925
2009 3$1,025
2007 3$90
1969 3$200
1986 3$1,595
1981 3$270
2004 3$195
2001 3$250
1984 3$367
2013 3$75
1983 3$275
2032 3$39,000
1987 2$200
1967 2$250
1989 2$10,100
1966 2$200
1962 2$200
2023 2$11,000
2026 2$11,331
2025 2$5,075
1968 2$3,500
2024 2$25,000
1997 1$1,250
1972 1$50
Parents of 2024 1$100
1977 1$100
1952 1$100
1961 1$100
2002 1$100
1959 1$150
1991 1$100
1973 1$100
1965 1$25
1947 1$100

Donor affiliations

41% Alumni

Show Alumni

18% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

4% Friends

Show Friends

6% Parents of Alumni

Show Parents of Alumni

36% Current Parents

Show Current Parents

Donor list

Jintang Chen & Qian Liu
Emily Liu
Nadia Graham
Arianna Rosati
Jennifer V Fenton
Edward and Stacey Kim
Cecily and Frank Henson
Chun Lin & Guohong Cheng
Angela R. Talusan
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lezny
Peter Sienkiewicz
Jill Goldman photoJill Goldman
Yao Lu & Gong Chen
Alex Zink
Rachel Cantlay
Timothy E Smith
Paul Roediger
John and Donna Moran
Julia Roginsky
Hilleary Thomas
Andrea Norcott
Thomas Keegan, III
Kelley L. Keegan Brecht
Megan E. Keegan Murphy
David Ragsdale
Hong Chang
Steve & Katie Chiavarone
Grace K Barbara
Jack Madani
Tom C Worthington
Paul Epply-Schmidt
Anne A Williams
Venu and Priya Moola
Robyn Ultan
Eleanor Leonard
Cierra C Moore
Maximilian B. Adam

Amy Gallo photoAmy Gallo matched $100
Laura B. Peterson photoLaura B. Peterson matched $100
Brian Hickel photoBrian Hickel matched $150
An Anonymous Donor matched $2,500
A member of the Class of 1988 matched $1,202
A member of the Alumni Board matched $10,000
Michael and Lindsay Bracken matched $10,000
Cindy and Jud Linville P '06, '09, '14 gave $10,000
Curtis McGraw Webster '75 gave $50,000