Renewing Our Shared Commitment

This campaign ended on January 01, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Presidio Graduate School by clicking here!

As change agents with an eye on sustainability, your support for the growth and renewal of your school will match your passion for long-term and lasting change. And now, your contributions will be matched up to $250,000 by the Board of Directors at Presidio Graduate School. It's an incredible time to invest! 

The Renewal Project is an organizational realignment to the evolving sustainability challenge while remaining true to the purpose and principles of our school. The multi-stakeholder Renewal team of over 45 volunteers and stakeholders is developing an integrated marketing, academic offering, and financial/operational strategy, and the corresponding implementation plan in 2018.  Click here to hear Dariush talk about the Project and our Renewal.

With your support, Presidio Graduate School will continue to be a place known for its cutting-edge curriculum and its community of impressive students and alumni who are ready to both face and create the future. Thank you for your generous support! 

You can read here, Suzanne Farver's letter to our community announcing her incredible $1M Gift.

Multiply Your Impact! And remember to check your Employer for a Matching Gift Program! Many employers offer matching funds to employees who make donations. Companies such as Sephora, PG&E, HP, and Facebook all offer these programs. Apply for these extra funds to amplify your gift!



Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
Class YearDonorsDollars
2015 1$9,000
2009 7$5,575
2012 8$1,783
2011 8$1,700
2017 5$1,150
2005 3$675
2013 2$550
2016 3$550
2010 1$500
2007 2$400
2014 5$325
2018 2$201
2008 2$50

Donor affiliations

44% Alumni

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3% Students

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7% Faculty/Staff

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1% Friends

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Donor list

Stephen P. Attinger
Mark W Sutton & Josephine Penaga
jennifer shenker
Cynthia Scott
Spike Lomibao & Joe Garrett
Sabrina Watkins & Jim Watson
Elizabeth L Krueger
Bethany Baugh
Ema Phelps
Maryline Daviaud Lewett
Margaret Titus
Connie KwanConnie Kwan photo
John Lehnert
Tanya Weliky
Rajesh Jambotkar
Frank TengFrank Teng photo
Steven M. Crane
Alyssa HoltAlyssa Holt photo
Simran Sethi
Zachary Worthington
Natasha TuckNatasha Tuck photo
Charles Knowlton
Rajesh Jambotkar
Monica Pandele
Saskia FeastSaskia Feast photo
Mary Kay Chess
Amy VillanuevaAmy Villanueva photo
Nick AsterNick Aster photo
Bret Walburg
Eric Cetnarski
Erik Hansen & Kristin Mancini
Sunya Ojure
Nicholas Franco
Ilana Lipsett
Shripal Shah

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