2018 Year-End Giving Campaign

This campaign ended on January 02, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Presidio Graduate School by clicking here!

Presidio Graduate School: Amplifier and Accelerator of YOUR Social Impact!

Imagine a world where social justice and environmental responsibility guide the actions of corporate executives, government leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals around the world. Imagine Systems Thinking as the guiding principle in the way they interact with stakeholders and shape meaningful change in business and government. This is the aspirational desire and intent of students, alumni, and faculty here at Presidio Graduate School. Our 1800+ alumni are helping to transform the way organizations in multiple sectors achieve their mission and program-related goals and objectives. It is precisely this amplification and acceleration of innovation through a sustainability-centric lens that Presidians seek to drive and influence.

History, Mission and our Collective Future

Established in 2002, Presidio Graduate School pioneered the field of sustainable management, producing the kind of socially- and environmentally-minded graduates that the world needs. The school now offers three ground-breaking Masters degree programs—MBA, MPA, and a Dual MBA/MPA—as well as several certificates, all in Sustainable Solutions. Using an integrated, applied approach to learning that views prevalent issues systemically, PGS students learn to design solutions that account for human, economic, and environmental concerns. Sustainability issues are embedded into every course offered by the school—from leadership to accounting, marketing to economics and with an ever-increasing focus on Sustainable Development and cross-referencing the framework of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Having been the #1 and #2 sustainable MBA programs for over a decade, the full integration of Presidio Graduate School (in San Francisco) and Pinchot University (in Seattle) — now known proudly as Presidio Graduate School (PGS) — is now complete.

Support - and Partnering - for an Impactful Education

Going forward, with our increased emphasis on cross-sectoral (private / public / not-for-profit) solutions in the renewed curriculum, we are now turning our attention firmly to the future. Newly partnered with Amity University, a mission aligned educational non-profit headquartered in India, we are in a pivotal time working to amplify and accelerate our impact both domestically and internationally. PGS must continue to expand to reach scalable and sustained impact, which means the school must grow its student base and programmatic offerings. To fuel this growth and innovation, PGS relies on financial contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations. 

Gifts to PGS shape and strengthen the growing field of sustainable management and develop important sectors at the intersection of for-profit and for-benefit. Therefore, aside from your generous fiscal support, we are also seeking your intellectual support too! We would like to hear from you in the coming months to explore opportunities for co-creation of, for example, research projects, corporate engagement programs and / or partnering to ensure our relevancy in the rapidly changing landscape of Sustainability is maintained. Only with your generous support will Presidio Graduate School continue to play a key role in teaching the next generation of leaders how to transform businesses, governments and non-profit institutions, thereby creating a world that is more just, prosperous, and sustainable.

Please Donate – and Become the Solution

Respectfully yours,

Geoff Trotter, Director of Development

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