Sagehen Emergency Impact Challenge

This campaign ended on May 03, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Pomona College by clicking here!

***Congratulations, Sagehens. We’ve achieved 470 donors and unlocked $100,000. Our challenge donors are thrilled! They have now committed an additional $47,000 if we reach 747 donors by midnight!***

During these unprecedented times, we are asking for the support of all Sagehens to give to the Sagehen Emergency Impact Challenge. Our students and community are facing an extremely difficult disruption in their lives.

A group of generous donors has offered $100,000 in challenge funding to inspire our community to come together during this public health and economic crisis. For every 47 donors to the campaign, $10,000 will be unlocked until the entire $100,000 pool has been fulfilled to benefit our two Impact Funds. Your gift, regardless of amount, will count you as one of the 470 Sagehens essential to support our students. Pomona has created two Impact Funds that will serve critical needs.

Sagehen Student Summer 2020 Opportunity Fund: Many students are facing a loss of critically needed income due to the loss of summer jobs, internships, and research prospects. The College has established the RAISE (Remote Alternative Independent Summer Experience) program to facilitate a broad range of remote activities that will continue to provide academic and professional growth opportunities throughout the summer. A gift to this Fund ensures that, even during these challenging times, students can continue to explore their interests this summer in experiential and immersive environments. 

Sagehen Community Support Fund: Our PAYS (Pomona Academy for Youth Success) students, families and alumni have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 and economic crisis. Run through the Draper Center for Community Partnerships, the PAYS program equips local first-generation and low-income high school students with training and resources needed to enter and succeed in highly selective colleges and universities, including Pomona College - in fact, Pomona currently has nearly 47 PAYS alumni. Many PAYS families have been adversely affected by the unemployment crisis, as many are low-income with limited resources, leaving them unable to afford basic essentials, such a groceries, utility bills or academic supplies for their students. A gift to this Fund will support the PAYS community with immediate emergency needs.

Now more than ever, the Sagehen community needs all alumni, parents, students, faculty and staff to join together. We are deeply grateful to our entire community for your generosity in the face of today’s difficulties.



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22% Parents

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Donor list

Paul F Roach & Cathy Nguyen
Elizabeth Villa
Linda Venenciano & Pablo
Reynold M. Blight
Victoria, P, Erslovas
Joy Yang
Ashish Goel & Geetika
Pharalyn Crozier
Leah K Busam
Harry Oei
Victoria Anders
Juanita Davalos
Lindsey Meyer
Mitra Mofid
Ann Chambers & Kent Nellis
Karen Robman & Jason Robman
Markus Kessler
Ben Shanker
Erin Toole Williams
Robi Ganguly
John W. Blaine
David J Estrada
Huyen Pham
Judy Cohn & John Resek
Amy Walsh & John Walsh
Mamta Chhabra
Eugene F. Sun & Stephanie Sun
Erika K. Carlson
Jani Kim & James Yang
Ari Kleiman & Laura Kanofsky
Carol Venolia
Lena Shiroma
Rabbis Beth & Jonathan Singer
Richard Essex & Melanie
Catherine Crowley & John Crowley
Don & Gwen Reinke

Elizabeth Dossa & Al matched $100
Jordan Snedcof gave $20
Lindsey (Sasaki) Kogasaka gave $200
Veronica Roman gave $600