One Week. One Pitzer. 2018

This campaign ended on March 26, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Pitzer College by clicking here!

It’s finally One Week. One  Pitzer.

So, what does that mean? One Week. One Pitzer. is our award-winning, week-long campaign promoting philanthropy, community building, and Pitzer pride.

Pitzer’s motto—Provida Futuri, or “Mindful of the Future”—takes on many implications as we celebrate this week. Significantly, Provida Futuri is important for our community at Pitzer. Throughout the week, students, faculty, and staff will participate in a variety of events to simply have fun and be together, improving our experience as part of this community.

Provida Futuri is truly made relevant to our community by the donations—from alumni, parents, friends, trustees, faculty, emeriti faculty, staff, and students—that continue to allow Pitzer College to have a future.

Thus, One Week. One Pitzer. is partially a fundraising campaign! A community thrives when its resources are shared. With this in mind, the Pitzer College Board of Trustees has offered us a challenge: If 300 members of the Pitzer community donate, the board will donate another $100,000 to the Pitzer Fund! You, as a part of the Pitzer community, can be a part of making this happen.

Provida Futuri also includes, of course, the educational and professional development that we pursue. For many of us, this is the main reason we are involved with a school like Pitzer. One Week. One Pitzer. includes academic events meant to sharpen our intellects and expand our academic borders.

Finally, Provida Futuri includes the world at large. As beneficiaries of this learning opportunity, we have a responsibility to do something with it—the future of our world really depends on it. One Week. One Pitzer. incorporates philanthropy opportunities on campus allowing students, faculty, and staff to give back and spread our resources and knowledge, with the hope that our provisions now will make a difference for our neighbors in less fortunate situations, while also helping us learn what it means to give back in the future.

Participate in our campaign, and make a gift of any size to help our community thrive together!

Click here to see what other fun events are happening this week!

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30% Alumni

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30% Students

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14% Parents

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4% Friends

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10% Faculty

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13% Staff

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Donor list

Lynn Bodell
Rachel VanSickle-Ward
Valerie Krieger Jahan
Catherine Caporale
Dan Hirsch
Eden Rose Brown
Michelle Castrovinci Mitchell
Anita Desikan
Christine LaSala
Eliza S States
Leigh Cornelison Tobias
Marka Carson
Cayla Nishizaki
Jacqueline Legazcue
George B. Russell
Anna Hsu
Edward F Pickett
Reena Brilliot
Daniel k feinberg
Garrett C. Terrones
Agnes Moreland Jackson
Sara R. Espinoza
Hallory Sindelar photoHallory Sindelar
Brendan Hovsepian-Kelly
John A McNiven
Jennifer Bec Hirshfield
Robert Long
Trip Johnson & Nara Topp
Emma Stephens
Carrie Ross Welch
Victor Milhon-Martin
Paula Gutierrez
Claudia Strauss
Dennis Crowley

Jason Engel photoJason Engel matched $50
Mitchell Felton photoMitchell Felton matched $80
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