2024 One Week. One Pitzer.

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One Week. One Pitzer.Unleashing the Power of Pitzer! 

Welcome to the epicenter of generosity and unity"One Week. One Pitzer."where the Pitzer community rallies together for a transformative week of giving, fueled by the unstoppable force known as Pitzer Power. From April 1 to April 7, join us in harnessing the power of giving to sustain Pitzer’s present and shape its future. 

What is Pitzer Power? 

Pitzer Power is the heartbeat of our communitythe collective strength, passion, and impact that define our shared commitment to excellence. It's the energy that propels us forward, making every student, alumni, faculty member, and friend an integral part of the Pitzer story. This week, we harness the formidable Pitzer Power to create lasting change, enhancing student experiences, fostering academic brilliance, and championing diversity. 

Why One Week. One Pitzer.? 

This campaign isn't just about reaching financial goals; it's about tapping into the extraordinary potential within our community. One Week. One Pitzer. embodies the essence of Pitzer Power—a force that transforms small actions into significant impacts. By participating, you're contributing to a legacy of strength, inclusivity, and innovation that defines Pitzer College. 

How Can You Ignite Pitzer Power? 

Join us in celebrating One Week. One Pitzer. by donating, spreading the word, and adding your own fuel to Pitzer Power. Your involvement is a testament to the influence of Pitzer Power, shaping the narrative of our college's future. Together, let's unleash the full force of Pitzer Power and make this week of giving an unparalleled success. 

Get ready to be a part of something extraordinarywhere Pitzer Power meets philanthropy, and every contribution, big or small, amplifies the impact of our shared vision. One Week. One Pitzer. is not just a campaign; it's a celebration of the collective power that defines us as a community. Let's embrace Pitzer Power and elevate our institution to new heights!  

#PitzerPower #OneWeek.OnePitzer. 

Areas of Support
We Are Pitzer!

We are grateful for the support from our Pitzer Ambassadors.

74 days ago by Sabrina Castro
Bernie Karmatz '71 shares his enthusiasm for Pitzer alongside Justin Baker, Alumni Director

Bernie is one of the first men to attend Pitzer College and has been an active member of the alumni community ever since.

76 days ago by Sabrina Castro
The Student Engagement Team share a day in their lives

See the Pitzer Campus through the eyes of the Student Engagement Team.

77 days ago by Sabrina Castro
Hear a personal plea from Phil Zuckerman Professor of Sociology & Secular Studies, & Associate Dean of Faculty

Phil Zuckerman shares what drives his Pitzer Power and invites you to join him.

78 days ago by Sabrina Castro
Listen to Alison Fong P'27 from the Family Leadership Council

Alison encourages all families and the Pitzer community to participate in OWOP.

79 days ago by Sabrina Castro
Watch President Thacker's Inspiring Message on the Impact of Pitzer Power

Hear from President Thacker on how you can illuminate your potential impact with Pitzer Power.

79 days ago by Sabrina Castro
Hear from Josue Pasillas ‘17, Reunion Chair

Exclusive Video Message from Josue Pasillas ‘17, Reunion Chair.

85 days ago by Sabrina Castro
Hear from Mark Cunningham ‘89 P’25, Alumni Board President

A special message from the Alumni Board President, Mark Cunningham ‘89 P’25.

86 days ago by Sabrina Castro

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