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This campaign ended on October 04, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Penland School of Craft by clicking here!
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Together, #WeMakePenland an inspiring place that fosters individual and artistic growth through creative practice and discovery.

Make a gift today and help us reach our Giving Day goal of 300 donors in 24 hours. A gift of any size makes a difference! If we reach our goal, we will secure a $5,000 challenge from a group of anonymous donors.  

Once you've made a gift, use it to encourage others to join in by sharing your gift and your story on social media with the hashtag #WeMakePenland. Penland students are inspired by each other, so the more you talk about it, the better!

We love you, people of Penland near and far!

#WeMakePenland a community that extends far and wide. Over the past 24 hours, you’ve helped us generate 342 gifts and over $20,000 for Penland’s programs, scholarships, staff, studios, and more—that's huge! Thank you all so much for showing us what love and community look like. Penland couldn’t thrive without caring, generous folks like you.

We hope to see you here on the mountain sometime soon!

2028 days ago by Sarah Parkinson
THANK YOU, thank you, thank you.

#WeMakePenland a place where extraordinary things come to life from raw materials, skillful hands, and dedicated minds. And today, thanks to your unwavering dedication and support, we just reached our Giving Day goal!!! Thank you so much for the outpouring of love you showed the Penland community today. It truly makes a difference here.

2028 days ago by Sarah Parkinson
The internet in print!

As a celebration for all our students and instructors on campus right now, we printed out as many of today's #WeMakePenland posts as we could and hung them in the new gallery at Northlight. Sharing cookies and drinks and laughs while admiring the visual evidence of this community's love seemed like the perfect end to a pretty exciting day here at Penland. THANKS to everyone who's made us feel so warm and fuzzy! xo

2028 days ago by Sarah Parkinson
Timeless but not static

#WeMakePenland a place where tradition and innovation live side by side. Your support helps us keep exploring new and exciting ideas while also drawing on the deep roots of craft right here on our campus. Thank you to all who have given today to ensure that Penland’s future is as rich as its past. You all really are what make Penland so strong. And, with your help, we're almost to our goal!!

2028 days ago by Sarah Parkinson
Give a gift - for student scholarships, for studio supplies, for staff!

#WeMakePenland a place that’s accessible to students from all walks of life. Your support helps us awards scholarships to a full 50% of Penland students, ensuring that people who want to be part of Penland can find a way here. Please join the 186 folks who have already given a gift for Penland’s students, studios, and staff today by giving whatever you can. We have 7 hours left to meet our goal!

2029 days ago by Sarah Parkinson
Well the photo booth was fun...





2029 days ago by Sarah Parkinson
Supporting the next generation of artists!

#WeMakePenland a place to nurture the next generation of artists. Your support helps us offer hundreds of scholarships every year, as well as a wide range of community programs for local children and families.

Tune in this afternoon at 2:00 PM on our Facebook or Instagram to watch a live clay demo with Cynthia Bringle!
2029 days ago by Sarah Parkinson
An Instructor's Perspective

This sweet post from books instructor Mary Uthuppuru made us smile. It really is all about the people and ideas that come together here.

mguthuppuru Going to Penland is an energizing and inspiring experience. As an instructor, I always come away with new ideas and made beautiful connections to everyone who makes Penland possible. Thank you to the wonderful institution and the amazing people that come together there. #wemakepenland #springleafpress

2029 days ago by Sarah Parkinson
Here we go!

#WeMakePenland a place where knowledge is shared with enthusiasm. It’s this spirit of generosity and open exchange that creates such a dynamic environment in our studios, and it’s also what keeps this whole community so strong. Please join us for 24 hours today, 10/3, by making a gift to Penland for our Giving Day challenge. Your $5 is a generous way to support the creativity and community that Penland fosters.

And to the 30 donors who already got us 10% of the way to our goal—Thank you!!
2029 days ago by Sarah Parkinson
Tomorrow is the big day!

#WeMakePenland a place to work through challenges together. And tomorrow, we’re challenging all of you to help us make our 2nd annual Giving Day a success! We’re aiming for 300 gifts in 24 hours, and no gift is too small, whether it’s $1 or $100. Together, we make this place something special.

2030 days ago by Sarah Parkinson
We Make Penland this Wednesday, 10/3!

#WeMakePenland a place to nurture your creativity, reset, and get inspired. If you’ve ever enjoyed the hustle of our studios and the camaraderie of our campus, please consider joining our 2nd annual Penland Giving Day this Wednesday, 10/3. Make a gift, share your Penland story, and tell your friends—your support is what keeps Penland buzzing with energy and opportunity!

2031 days ago by Sarah Parkinson

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