PLU Student Emergency Fund: COVID-19 Response

This campaign ends on September 1 at 02:59AM EDT

Eight days a week, we love you. Eight days a week, is just enough to show we care. 

We know the last several months haven’t been easy. Despite it all, the PLU community has had each other to lean on — because #LutesCare. 

Over the next 8 days, we’re asking you to show up even stronger with your care. 

Between now and May 31, watch for updates, emails and social media posts from PLU with ways to care, special incentives, matches, nods to your favorite Beatles songs and more. 

You can get the wave of care started by taking these actions now: 


We know not everyone can give, but if you can, please make a gift of any size and have it MATCHED. Find details about the matches available when you click "GIVE NOW!"

Your gift of any size will come together with the gifts of other Lutes — and be expanded, thanks to the matches — to make a real difference for PLU students. There’s power when #LutesCare together.


Right now, PLU students are experiencing unexpected, urgent financial needs. If you’re able to help, please make your gift today.

The Student Emergency Fund was started in mid-March 2020 to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Within the first few weeks, hundreds of students have applied for assistance. Donations will go to as many PLU students as possible.

To help a student, please give what you can today. Your gift of any size will provide emergency funds to a student in need right now.

For more details about how these funds will be used, see the FAQs in the Updates section below.

Share a Message of Care PLU students have had a tough spring and are facing an uncertain future. They’re resilient, but all of us need a little help from our friends now and then. You can help by submitting your message of care via this short form

You can also share a message of care by uploading a Personal Plea. To get started, head to the Advocates tab and click on “Create Your Personal Plea”. For every message of care video that’s uploaded, a generous donor will give $88 to the PLU Student Emergency Fund.

Spread the word about this campaign and encourage your friends, family, and classmates to get involved. 

  • Step 1: Sign up to be an advocate
  • Step 2: While logged into your advocate account, use the Facebook, Twitter, Text and Email buttons to help spread the word. Be sure to use #LutesCare!
  • Step 3: Check back to the ‘advocates’ tab to see how many clicks, dollars, and donors you’ve generated for the Student Emergency Fund.

Be sure to take advantage of the incentives that are available just for showing you care! When you generate $88 in gifts from your friends and family, their gifts will be matched with a gift of $88. That's a $1 for $1 match! And when you inspire 8 other people to give, an additional $100 gift will be made to the PLU Student Emergency Fund. Start sharing and encouraging others to join you in caring!



US Donor Map

Global Donor Map

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
1952 1$500
1953 1$100
1954 1$150
1955 1$50
1957 2$750
1958 4$950
1959 6$825
1960 2$325
1961 5$450
1962 7$5,675
1963 8$3,055
1964 3$1,628
1965 9$2,950
1966 10$1,835
1967 7$2,950
1968 3$225
1969 16$3,600
1970 13$2,225
1971 6$500
1972 7$2,050
1973 5$1,538
1974 16$2,500
1975 8$2,638
1976 11$4,008
1977 7$1,425
1978 11$988
1979 3$825
1980 6$550
1981 8$1,290
1982 6$888
1983 11$1,538
1984 11$6,063
1985 3$550
1986 11$2,259
1987 13$1,850
1988 13$2,025
1989 11$970
1990 12$3,460
1991 15$2,065
1992 9$1,108
1993 7$436
1994 6$833
1995 6$860
1996 6$310
1997 9$998
1998 9$896
1999 4$400
2000 5$530
2001 19$3,058
2002 10$1,808
2003 6$482
2004 6$700
2005 3$220
2006 8$1,108
2007 20$2,310
2008 14$1,458
2009 8$455
2010 10$975
2011 10$786
2012 11$828
2013 14$888
2014 5$580
2015 8$933
2016 2$100
2017 10$680
2018 7$525
2019 6$800
2020 8$508
2021 15$1,370
2022 18$2,741
2023 15$2,133
2024 2$120

Donor affiliations

66% Alumni

Show Alumni

2% Students

Show Students

22% Parents

Show Parents

5% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

7% Friends

Show Friends

Donor list

Jill Cohn
Janelle Thorson
Caroo Zumalt
Lynda Peterson
Owen Grossman
Paul Hidy
TJ Mothersbaugh
Keith Johnson
John Mohnke
Alex Perry
Danielle La Haie
Annalisa Brewster
Konrad Rehn
Daniel Erlander
Joel Maier
Michael Larsen
Nichole Turgeon
Beverly O'Brien
Molly Feider
Prentis Johnson
Margaret Johnstad
Jahna Smith
Courtney Olsen
Julie Banken
Joel Banken
Lynette Lile
Trisha Schock
Julie Landskov
David Martinson
Dean Popowski
Russell Christensen
Joy Will
Shannon Finsand
Rebecca Wietzke
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An Anonymous Donor matched $100
#GTN Last Chance Match matched $1,000
#GTN Midday Match matched $3,000
#GivingTuesdayNow Kick-Off Match matched $4,000
#GivingTuesdayNow Match matched $6,000
8 Days of Care Here Comes the Sun(day) OCTUPLE Match matched $7,612
8 Days of Care Come Together Match matched $8,000
8 Days of Care Kick-off Match matched $8,888
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Encourage your friends and family to support the PLU Student Emergency Fund! When you generate $88 in gifts, those gifts will be matched with $88! That’s a $1 for $1 match!


Only 8 left!

Help spread the word about PLU’s 8 Days of Caring. When you inspire 8 other people to give, an additional $100 gift will be made to the Student Emergency Fund!