Olin Rocketry 2023

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This campaign ended on March 31, 2024, but you can still make a gift to Olin College of Engineering by clicking here!

We are Olin Rocketry, the fastest large-project team at Olin! We help students get hands-on experience in designing, fabricating, and testing parts for our rockets. We aspire to help prepare the next generation of aerospace engineers.

In the past we have competed in the IREC competition which allowed us to experiment with system engineering a COTS rocket. Starting heavily in the fall of 2022, our team pivoted to an SRAD model where we manufacture everything: structure, engine, and avionics in house in Olin’s shop spaces.

And this year, following this shift in trajectory, we are excited to announce our next endeavor — reaching the Karman line with a two-stage non spin-stabilized rocket. This goal is a few years down the road and with our next launches we will incrementally work towards developing a platform that will be able to reach this goal, as detailed in our sponsorship materials. We know this goal is ambitious and in order to meet it we will require additional funding to build larger and more innovative rockets.

This spring we will be launching a rocket with apogee control in order to practice more complicated system engineering challenges and improve our methodology. We will be testing our recovery system extensively to avoid future losses as we implement multiple recovery systems for two-stage platforms. We are developing tiny avionics hardware that can fit within the palm of your hand. And finally, we will be launching on our own custom motor for the first time!

As a way to show our immense appreciation for any donation, donors over $50 will have their name on our team’s t-shirts and donors over $100 will have their name on this year’s rocket!

Olin Rocketry receives no funding from Olin and thus entirely relies on generous contributions from corporate sponsors and donors such as yourself!

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