Ohio Wesleyan Emergency Needs Fund

This campaign ended on June 30, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Ohio Wesleyan University by clicking here!

Together in spirit, we are #BishopStrong.

Will you join us in showing your Ohio Wesleyan strength to respond to the sudden need caused by COVID-19?

Ohio Wesleyan students are experiencing unprecedented need due to the pandemic. Some students

  • can’t go home because their parents are part of the vulnerable population.
  • are working extra hours at their jobs to try to meet unexpected expenses.
  • lost their jobs and cannot benefit from the CARES Act stimulus check as dependents.
  • face other emergency needs such as food insecurity, housing and technological challenges, unexpected travel needs, or medical expenses.

As always, Ohio Wesleyan prioritizes students above all else. To help families financially impacted by the virus, OWU has canceled next year's tuition increase, reduced the price of 2020 online summer courses, and issued prorated credits or refunds to current students for the second half of the semester. At the same time, OWU had to cancel summer events that add revenue. To be able to meet students where they are, the University needs your help.

To help students and the OWU campus meet these unexpected expenses due to COVID-19, OWU has established an Emergency Needs Fund. Your compassionate gift of any size will make a difference for our students and will equip Ohio Wesleyan with necessary resources to provide them a brighter future.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now. But we can always be certain of Bishops supporting other Bishops in times of need. Thank you for being part of the Ohio Wesleyan family!

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